The Young Blood

'Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances we have had to take a break from The Young Blood, we promise to be back at it as soon as we are able and we hope you will be patient with us! 
Stay tuned!'

This is a fascinating Sci-Fi series, co-written by myself and a very good friend of mine, that I am privileged to have the pleasure of hosting on this website. We hope you enjoy it as much as I have been. 
New chapters will be posted weekly on a Thursday so look out for them below! 

"The Young Blood" is a Sci-Fi series written by Cheltenham based Artist, Historian and Musician, Matt Murdoc. The story begins just before the birth of Human civilisation, reaches to much further before that time, and continues into our pre-history.

- A message from Matt - 

'This is my fourth attempt at writing hard Sci-Fi but the first which I share publicly. I am by no means a natural author, or even a writer. My natural talents lay in the fields of regular art, songwriting and the martial arts; (CRCA Wing Chun). This series came about due to the influence of three outstanding humans and dear friends of mine. Namely Miss Rachael Hill (author of the "Clara" fantasy series) and my dearest friend, Mr Christian Jensen Romer, the distinguished Parapsychologist who has been a long time friend and hero of mine and who is responsible for my love of the written word. Finally and not least of all I offer my sincere thanks to Sifu Randy. W. Williams, international Wing Chun Master (my teacher and friend) and globally recognised author who continues to assist me in editing this story - I thank you all. 

I hope, dear reader, that you enjoy "The Young Blood."

Peace, :) x'


  1. this is a very interesting read and would like to see more from this author

    1. Thanks, we're glad you like it! This is co-written by me & Matt, we have finished book one but will be starting book two in a couple of weeks so stay tuned, there's a lot more to come! :)

    2. Chapter 1 of book 2 is free to read now. Let us know what you think :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We aim to please! Chapter one of book two will be released here on Thursday. Enjoy - and thanks for the support.