The Last Whale

The Last Whale
by Sat

A modern story of possibilities.

Meet Frank, an earnest reporter for TheTtimes changing his life as his life changes him.
Meet Carolin, an emerging psychic on the other side of the world yet next door to Frank.
Enjoy Khutra, the south American prince who comes to save us from a drop of water.

The Last Whale is about our planet, our people and our changing world. It is a view on events and our sense of where we are, which hopefully many of us will recognise. Drama, tragedy, freedom and release, are all within these pages.

Sat wrote this as his first novel because he wondered what his first would look like. It has a sprinkling of his life, his opinions and his experiences, and although not biographical, the traces are there.

New chapters are uploaded every Saturday so keep checking back for more!

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