Do you have an idea for a fiction series that you'd like to see realised?
I'm always on the lookout for great new fiction that I can host here on this website and by doing so share with the writing community. If you've got a story or an idea you think you'd like to see here please get in touch.

I'm also accepting submissions of short stories, poems, flash fiction and writing articles. 

If you are interested in submitting your work please email with 'BFW Submission' as the subject.
Please include your full name and either your finished piece or a brief explanation of what you would like to write.
Please also read the submission guidelines before submitting any work.

At this time I am afraid I cannot offer payment for any work submitted. What I can offer is a chance to get your work out there and seen by others.

Submission Guidelines

- All genre's are accepted with the exception of erotica. (please note that while I am happy to accept submissions of children's stories the audience for this site is predominately adult)
- All fiction series submissions must submit a brief overview of the entire plot of the series. Upon acceptance series writers will also need to provide a bio for the story and (optional) a bio for themselves as a writer. 
- Short story submissions should be under 6,000 words.
- Flash fiction submissions should be under 2,000 words.
- Violence and swearing are accepted in submissions however if they are excessive this may cause your submission to be discounted. 
- Submissions are not guaranteed to be published, all submissions will be read fairly, but acceptance is at my own discretion. 

Happy Writing!

Rach x 

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