Writing Prompts

I'm not usually one for generalising, but pretty much all writers love prompts. 
They are that tiny bit of random input that can make all the difference in getting our troublesome brains to come up with something creative when we're fed up with staring at a blank page, have no idea where to take our characters next, or when we simply need a bit of a break from our current project. 

I will endeavour to put up a new writing prompt on this page fairly regularly, for those that are looking for something a little bit different. 
The prompts may be single words, emotions, places, first sentences or a set of seemingly random words for you to put together however you like. 

If you have written a piece in response to one of these prompts and would like to post it in the comments section below for others to read please feel free, or if you're particularly proud of it and would like to submit it for publication on this website please visit my Submissions page and follow the instructions there.

Also if you fancy leaving your own prompts to inspire others please email them to me or leave them in the comments section below.

6 December 2016 
Prompt, First sentence: 'It's not fair, I try so damn hard and yet there he goes, just strolling through as if it were all as easy as pie, he doesn't even have the good grace to know how damn lucky he is!'

29 November 2016
Prompt, Six words: "Bottle, Dog, Ship, Orange, Sword, Run"

22 November 2016
Prompt, Image:
Mesa Arch III

8 November 2016
Prompt, Six words: "Peace, Dinner, Stone, Moon, Silver, Castle"

1 November 2016
Prompt, Person, Place & Emotion: A 15 year old boy, a cave, and trepidation.

18 October 2016
Prompt, First Sentence: 'For a moment her mind blanked, it was as if the world around her had simply fallen away, leaving behind it nothing but an empty space... then with a sharp buzzing she was back, blinking in surprise as the world around her came back into focus.'

11 October 2016
Prompt, Image:
Vezzolacca - Piacenza - Italy

4 October 2016
Prompt, Six words: "Triangle, Road, Sofa, Moneybox, Purple, Bicycle"

27 September 2016
Prompt, Person, Place & Emotion: A 24 year old man, an empty train carriage, and wonder.

20 September 2016
Prompt, Image: 
Feeling Left Out

13 September 2016
Prompt, Six Words: "Mansion, Orange, Girl, Triangle, Plunge, Dream"

6 September 2016
Prompt, First Line: "What do you mean you can't see her? She's standing right there, she's my best friend, she comes everywhere with me..."

30 August 2016
Prompt, Person, Place & Emotion: A twelve year old girl, an old cottage and anxiety.

23 August 2016
Prompt, Image:

16 August 2016
Prompt, Six Words: Box, Seven, Potential, Oval, Mainstream, Whack

9 August 2016
Prompt, First Line: "I'm sorry but I just can't accept that, please leave now."

2 August 2016
Prompt, Person, Place & Emotion: A thirty-two year old man, Mapun - a small island in the Philippines, Anticipation

12 July 2016
Prompt, Six Words: Gallon, Technicolour, Aquarium, Wife, Determination, Happy

28 June 2016
Prompt, First Line: 'He opened his eyes and blinked but could see nothing in the thick oily darkness surrounding him, there was silence too, and the faint smell of rotting vegetables hung in the air.'

23 June 2016
Prompt, Image: 

14 June 2016
Prompt, Idea: 'You and your friend discover a time machine, you can go anywhere in the world, any time in history or the future. There's only one catch, you can only use it once (once being a return journey). Where & when do you go? Write your adventure...'

23 May 2016
Prompt, Six words: Time, Eggshell, Anger, Jumping, Card, Tyre
(You must use all six words in your writing.)

27 April 2016
Prompt, First sentence: A small, sad smile flickered across his face as he slowly lowered the handwritten note and placed it gently upon the wooden desk in front of him.  

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  1. A writing prompt is just the inquiry to which you need to compose an article reaction. When you're in an English (or whatever) class and you're given a point to expound on and some bearing about what sort of article to compose (analyze/differentiate, and so on.), that is a composition prompt.