As a writer I'm always looking for opportunities to get published. 

Links to my published works can be found on this page, enjoy :) 

In June 2016 I wrote an article about a festival being held by a well known local pub which was published in the July issue of a local entertainment magazine called Good on Paper in Stroud.
You can visit their website Here.

In February 2016 I began writing my fantasy adventure series 'Clara' on Channillo. The series follows Clara, an anxious young woman accidentally thrown into another world, one which she has no clue how to navigate.
You can read Clara Here.

In December 2015 my short story, 'The Mermaid' came third place in the Bookers Corner writing competition and was subsequently published in their anthology 'Voices In The Dark'. 
If you fancy giving it a read you can purchase the anthology from Amazon Here.

Thanks for all your support :) 

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