Hints, Tips and Writing Advice

We all get stuck sometimes, our brains don't want to work properly, we can't seem to think past a certain point, or we're looking for a new way to add a little flair into our work but we're not sure quite how. Here's some articles that I've found and shared, some that I've written myself, and some that have been written for me, that should help you out a bit when your feeling stuck or uninspired.
Or if you just like reading about writing.

This starts out as a bit of a tough read if you're an aspiring fantasy author, but it's got some really sound advice in it. Stay out of the cliche's and focus on your story not your world.

This is a really great little article by Derek Haines about ways you can promote yourself, your writing and your book, without pissing anybody off.

Have a read of this very interesting article by Mandy Wallace about Why Branding yourself as an Author is so important.

Games can be a great way to improve your writing and have fun with your friends or family at the same time! Why not try some of the ones on this sheet.

There are loads of Activities you can do to improve your writing and come up with new ideas, try some of the ones listed on this sheet.

Here is an article I wrote after becoming inspired by the many online options available to writers.

This is a wonderful guest article written for me by Benjamin Michael Greene on writing and how to find your voice, well worth a read.

If your struggling trying to come up with new and interesting story plots why not try this unique, and fun, technique, it's called a word bowl and you can see how I got on with it here,

Here's a lovely article about using your imagination by Marin Thomas;

If your currently battling the dreaded writer's block why not try some of the tips in this article?

I loved this article by Densie Webb!

If you would like to write an article for this page please email me at rachaelanna93@gmail.com.

Happy Writing

Rach x 


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