Fiction Editing

Have you written something beautiful but feel that it is in need of some fine tuning? I offer editing and rewriting of your creative work.

Whether you've finished a draft and are looking to start on the journey to become a published author, or to self-publish, to enter a writing competition, or you just want another pair of eyes to go over your work - I can help.

I offer three different tiers of fiction editing and can carry out either notation or reconstructive editing depending on your needs. 

If you require notation editing I will read through a copy of your work and mark out all the edits we suggest you make, including any plot holes, or lack of character development found. 

For reconstructive editing I will edit and rewrite a copy of your work and return it to you. You can then return the piece to me for further work if you have any other questions or are not happy with any of the changes made. 

I offer editing services but cannot guarantee that your piece will reach publication or win a competition. What I can promise is to give it a fighting chance.

I am also available for hire through Upwork, if you would like to visit my profile where you can see my work history and feedback from clients you can find it here.

To get in touch please send me an email at


Fiction editing for short fiction - up to 5,000 words.



Fiction editing for short fiction - up to 10,000 words. 



Fiction editing for long fiction - up to 30,000 words. 



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