Monday, 30 October 2017

The Butcheress

Here's one for Halloween;

Through the darkened woods she stole,
Butchers knife in hand,
Following a single groan,
That was the only sound,

All night long she sought her prey,
With calm and steady steps,
Waiting for the hour to come,
Upon which she could act,

The hunted knew his time was near,
Could feel it on the wind,
The ragged breaths that followed him,
The stench that filled the air,

She caught him once before that night,
With silver flashing blade,
Now ruby drops fall from his side,
As he fights to stumble on,

Between the moonlit trees at last,
She saw her chance had come,
And letting out a fearsome screech,
She leapt upon her prey,

The hunted felt his life force flee,
As the blade cut through his skin,
And the last thing that his eyes did see,
Was her frightful manic grin,

The trees that night bore steady witness,
To the crime between their trunks,
And as ruby drops sprayed through the air,
A life that night was lost.

R.A Hill

Thursday, 12 October 2017

4 Spooky Writing Competitions You Can Enter This October

With Autumn now in full swing and Halloween just around the corner it's the perfect time of year to start, or finish, writing some spooky stories. Will it be gruesome? Or ghastly? Perhaps yours is a ghost story? Or is it full of grisly zombies? As we draw nearer to Halloween let your mind wander into the darkness to find wicked witches and evil ogres, creepy vampires and hair raising werewolves, dreadful demons and grimy goblins. The sky is the limit, or perhaps it's the bottomless pit in the back garden of that abandoned house at the end of the street...

I've had a look around and found four terribly spooky writing competitions that you can enter this October!


Horror Scribes are looking for very short stories, only 300 words, around the theme of Deja Vu.
Your entry must be in English, the deadline is the 22nd of October, and the winner will receive a £10 prize paid through paypal.
If you want to enter have a look at their website. Horror Scribes

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Dark Tales are looking for horror and speculative fiction short stories for their monthly competition.
The deadline is the 31st of October, the entry fee is £4, the story must be no longer than 5000 words, and the winner will receive £100 plus publication in their next anthology.
If you want to enter have a look at their website. Dark Tales


The Furious Gazelle Halloween Contest is looking for excellent writing in any style following the Halloween theme. You can submit up to five pieces and there is no entry fee, there is a prize of $50 and a book of their choosing for the winner, the top contenders will all be published online, and the deadline for submissions is the 26th of October.
For more information have a look at their website. The Furious Gazelle

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Fanstory are running a Halloween Poetry Contest and are looking for poems that capture the fun, horror, and excitement of this time of the year. All types of poem are accepted, the entry is free, the deadline is the 31st of October, and the winner takes away $100 for a cash prize.
For more information and how to enter take a look at their website. Fanstory

Happy Spooky Writing All!