Thursday, 7 September 2017

Word Play

I love the English language, it's so full of strange sounds and broken rules, and more often than not, several words that describe the same thing. Sometimes just picking which one you want to use can be a challenge in itself!
Of course most of us are happy sticking to the words that we use commonly, the ones that we all understand and are familiar with, especially when it comes to conversation. But I must admit to a bit of a weakness for the one's out there that don't get used quite as often as they could, and the one's whose existence have been almost forgotten, and there are so many of them! 
Strangely beautiful, complex, lilting words that seem to slip around your tongue and fall out of your mouth. They're oddly complex, and in our modern world with our easy to understand every day words, there really isn't a need for such a complexity, such an intricacy in design. But perhaps it is for precisely that reason that we need to hold on to these words, because they are no longer needed, and because, like some half-remembered message from the past, they speak to us of the origin of our wonderful language. 

I've spent some time recently looking for some unusual words, some words that have slipped out of common use and can only seem to be found following a foray of the internet, or a dip into the mysterious depths of the dictionary, and I'd like to share with you some of the one's that I've found recently.  

Absquatulate - To leave somewhere abruptly.

Enervated - Drained of energy.

Anfractuous - Winding, Circuitous.

Noisome - Having an offensive smell.

Cacoethes - An urge to do something inadvisable. 

Superbious - Proud and overbearing.

Tellurian - Of the Earth, inhabiting, or an inhabitant of, the Earth.

Umbriferous - Shady.

Pulchritude - Beauty.

Cyanic - Blue, Azure.

Eurythmic - In harmonious proportion.

Pusillanimous - Lacking in courage.

Erubescent - Reddening or blushing.

Ensorcell - To enchant or fascinate someone.

Hodiernal - Of today.

I hope this collection of strange and unusual words has served to entertain, and possibly even to inspire, you. 

As a writer I enjoy the challenge of trying to put these unusual words into pieces of writing, weaving them into text, and making them a part of my stories. When it works, which it often does, I find the almost musical sounds of some of them can seem to add another kind of depth to my work. 

Either way, it's always interesting to experiment.