Thursday, 4 May 2017

Call For Submissions

Breathing For Words is looking for exciting and original creative submissions!

I'm looking for works that are a bit out of the ordinary, that leave you questioning what you just read, and that send tingles down your spine. Use your imagination, break the boundaries, and push reality.
Think hard sci-fi, high fantasy, alternate realities, mazes and magic, weird and spooky, spine tinglingly dreadful. 
I want stories that leave a mark on you mind.

Submissions can be poetry, flash fiction, or short stories. 

I accept submissions in any genre except erotica. Although it is important to note that whilst I will accept submissions of children's stories, the audience for this page is predominately adult.  

Please send all submissions to, with the title 'BFW Submission'.

Please see the Submissions page for guidelines and rules. 

Happy Writing! 


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