Friday, 28 April 2017


Dazzling green and flickering red,
The spaces between your heartbeats,
Filled with fire and storm,
It's a sound that roars,
And a sound that sighs,
A green light in the sky,

The earth is soft and supple,
Bending and moving,
Each footfall shapes and moulds it,
Each depression sponging outwards,
Losing form before gaining it again,

The sky ripples,
Ocean waves,
Clouds foam and shift as they collide,
In desperate attempts to cross their blue desert home,
Dark shapes flit in the spaces between,
Catching and flickering and whirring,

Buzzing drifts through the air,
Like so much chatter in a darkened room,
Tension like held breath,
Poised in a half crouch,
Waiting for an opportune moment,
Daylight shifts into the soft dusk of twilight,
Day draws towards it's end,
Though in the deepening darkness I am bright as the mid day sun,

Are we whole,
Or do we lay in pieces,
Scattered on the dark earth floor,
Slipping into the mud like shells sinking into the ocean,
Resigned to our existence,
Benign with the mundane,
Given up the dance,
Reflecting our surroundings like so many pieces of broken mirror,
Carefully watching all around us,
Without ever stopping to look inside.

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