Friday, 28 April 2017


Dazzling green and flickering red,
The spaces between your heartbeats,
Filled with fire and storm,
It's a sound that roars,
And a sound that sighs,
A green light in the sky,

The earth is soft and supple,
Bending and moving,
Each footfall shapes and moulds it,
Each depression sponging outwards,
Losing form before gaining it again,

The sky ripples,
Ocean waves,
Clouds foam and shift as they collide,
In desperate attempts to cross their blue desert home,
Dark shapes flit in the spaces between,
Catching and flickering and whirring,

Buzzing drifts through the air,
Like so much chatter in a darkened room,
Tension like held breath,
Poised in a half crouch,
Waiting for an opportune moment,
Daylight shifts into the soft dusk of twilight,
Day draws towards it's end,
Though in the deepening darkness I am bright as the mid day sun,

Are we whole,
Or do we lay in pieces,
Scattered on the dark earth floor,
Slipping into the mud like shells sinking into the ocean,
Resigned to our existence,
Benign with the mundane,
Given up the dance,
Reflecting our surroundings like so many pieces of broken mirror,
Carefully watching all around us,
Without ever stopping to look inside.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

We Are Writers

Why do we write?

Why do I write? 

Why do you write? 

Why do some of us love to write, and some of us hate to write?

Why doesn't everybody love writing?

Why doesn't everybody hate writing?

Is it possible to both love and hate writing at the same time? 

What makes us love writing?

What makes us hate writing?

What makes us good at writing?

What makes us want to write?

What makes us happy when we have to write no longer?

What pushes us every day to pick up that pen?

What inspires us to make the words dance across the page?

Why do we write?

Why do we love to write?

What is it about the flow of words that brings us so much joy, even when we know that no one else may ever read them? 

Why are we so powerless to stop ourselves from writing? 

I love to write. 
I am powerless to stop myself writing.
I rejoice in the flow of words when they fall from my mind like ripe berries from a bush.

There are so many words, and so many combinations of words, isn't it beautiful?
Isn't it beautiful how much we love to create?
How much joy we find in creating.
We are the dreamers, the creaters, the designers, the builders of worlds and people and histories.
We are writers.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wordy Wednesday!

I'm finally back with a new unusual Wordy Wednesday word for you to have a go at using in your own creative piece! 
This week's unusual word is;


- Deceitful
- Untrustworthy
- Deliberately faithless
- Treacherous

Perfidious comes originally from the Latin perfidiosus, meaning faithless or dishonest. It would have entered English sometime in the early 1600's.

'She'd always prided herself on being good at reading people, that her own lover could have been so perfidious, and right under her nose, shook her almost more than the discovery of the acts themselves.' 

Can you use this word in a short piece of prose, flash fiction or poetry?
Comment your creative piece below and share the inspiration!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Writing Prompt!

This week's writing prompt is a sentence. You can use this prompt to start your creative piece, or you can write the story around it, it's up to you.

'A reluctant smile crossed her face and she lowered her eyes to the dusty wooden floorboards below, focusing intently on the scuffed toes of her worn out work boots.'

Feel free to post your prompt response in the comments section below, or send it in as a submission.

Happy Writing

Rach x