Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Writing Prompt!

This Tuesday's writing prompt is a first line. You can use it as the first line of a poem, a story, a piece of flash fiction, or whatever you want really! As long as it's used as the first line your piece can go on to be in any genre, style, theme, etc etc... You know the rules, we all play the game!
So without further ado, here's this week's prompt;

'Loneliness was not an unfamiliar term to Carrie, it was a word she had heard, and a word she had used, yet she realised that she had never truly understood it until this moment.'

Don't forget you can share you prompt response in the comments section below, and by doing so both entertain us all and offer more great inspiration for others! Or if you're particularly proud of what you've written feel free to send it in as a submission, just like Suzanne did a couple of weeks ago.

Happy Writing!

Rach x

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