Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Wordy Wednesday!

This is a nice one for you today.


- A minor fault or sin
- A slight offence
- A trifling fault

Peccadillo has a mixed original and variations of it can be found in both Spanish and Italian, however it is thought to have originated from the Latin Peccatum which meant fault, transgression or mistake. This word would have entered English in the late 1500's.

'He replayed the scene over and over in his mind, reliving her sharp tone and accusing voice. Her anger had been absolute, and her fury sharp, yet for the life of him he could barely understand why, it wasn't like he'd done much to annoy her, his mistake had only been a peccadillo after all.' 

Can you use this word in a short piece of prose, flash fiction or poetry?
Comment it below and share the creativity!

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