Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wordy Wednesday!


- Dark and Gloomy
- Deep
- A mythological people living in perpetual gloom - Greek Mythology
- A historical nomadic people who overthrew the kingdom of Phrygia c676 bc

Cimmerian is an interesting word that seems to have developed from a range of different thing. It appears in the Greek Myth by Homer, Odyssey, as a name for a mythical people who lived in a city shrouded in mist and fog near the entrance to Hades.
It is then also used Historically as a name for a group of nomadic people who were driven from Southern Russian and later overthrew the kingdom of Phrygia (Turkey), whose King was Midas. The historical Cimmerian's are mentioned in several b.c texts, including that of the Greek Historian Herodotus in the 5th century b.c.
Today the word can be used in a mythological context, a historical context, or as a descriptive.
Cimmerian, which can also be spelled Kimmerian, comes from the Latin Cimerii, which in turn evolved from the Greek Kimmerioi. 

'She hesitated, her reluctance at entering the cimmerian caverns clear to the small group that waited anxiously behind her. She turned and offered her companions a last, frightened look, then stepped into the darkness and disappeared.' 

Can you use this word in a short piece of prose, flash fiction or poetry?
Comment it below and share the creativity!

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