Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wordy Wednesday!

Well we haven't had one of these in a while!

Here's a fun one for you this week;

(I'm actually not joking - this is a real word!)

- Askew, Awry
- Positioned Diagonally
- Diagonally, Obliquely (as an adverb)
-Fierce, Savage, Destructive

Catawampus is thought to have entered English sometime in the mid 1830's, and possibly from midland and southern United States interestingly enough - although where they got it from I have no idea!

'There wasn't much to see. An almost empty yard extended out from the dirty white walls of the house until it met with a run down wooden fence that hardly looked worthy of it's name. Halfway along and up the wall was a small window, it's frame sitting catawampus from the bricks surrounding it, that was it, if she could prize it open just a little further then that would be her way in.' 

Can you use this word in a short piece of prose, flash fiction or poetry?
Comment it below and share the creativity!

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