Monday, 13 March 2017

Motivational Monday! Firstwriter International Short Story Contest

This week we're featuring the Firstwriter International Short Story Contest!

This contest is for short stories, on any theme and in any genre. The only restriction is that your story must be 3,000 words or under.

The winner for this competition will receive a £200 prize. There will also be ten special commendations.
All winners will be published in the Firstwriter magazine and will also receive a voucher.

The entry fee for one story is £6.50, for two is £11.50, for three is £15, or for four is £16.
You can enter online through the Firstwriter website, the link for which you can find below.

The closing date for this contest is the 1st of April 2017.

Please remember to check the website for formatting guidelines and more information, sadly many great stories, poems and literary works are disqualified in many competitions simply because the writer did not use the desired formatting, don't let your work be one them!

To read the rules, find out more and to enter, please visit Firstwriter Short Story Contest.

Happy Writing & Good Luck

Rach x

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