Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Writing Prompt!

It's Tuesday again and that's means it's time for another writing prompt!

I feel like writing prompts are my most frequent posts, which doesn't make any sense because I only post them once a week - the same as all the other posts, so maybe Tuesdays just seem to come around quicker than other days... or maybe I've gone mad!

Anyway, still in Spain and about to go out rock climbing so I'll make this a quick one, but a weird one nonetheless.

Today's prompt is a theme.

'What if you found out the person you loved the most wasn't who they said they were?'

You can use this in whatever way you want, they can be a criminal, or a spy, or an impostor, it could be the result of identity theft, or they could be undercover or have split personality disorder, or be keeping a really huge secret, or maybe it's you that's convinced yourself they're someone else!
I'm going to have a go at this one as well I think, cause it's giving the potential to explore a darker side of human nature and I like that.

I'd love to see your responses to this prompt, so please get in contact, leave your response as a comment below or email it to me if you want to see it published on BFW. Don't forget the more creativity we get on here the more great inspiration it is for you, me, and everyone else, so share the creativity!

Happy Writing!

Rach x

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