Thursday, 23 February 2017

Prompt Response by Suzanne Watt

This is a lovely poem that was sent in to me by Suzanne Watt as a response to the writing prompt that I posted on Tuesday.

For those of you that didn't see it the prompt it was: 'What if you found out the person you loved the most wasn't who they said they were?'

This is Suzanne's response;

You Said You'd Never Hurt Me

'You said you'd always love me,
And never let me down.
So why am I sat crying now?
No smile, just a frown.
My hair is hiding bruises,
My clothes and make up too.
My body, once so strong,
Now broken down by you.
The look I saw upon your face,
When you realised what you'd done.
Was one of sheer horror,
You must've known what was to come.
You lost control driving,
You didn't stand a chance.
The car flipped on the corner,
And you gave a final glance.
You told me how you loved me,
And one day we'd meet again,
But for now you'd have to leave me,
You hadn't meant to cause me any pain.
I know you'd never hurt me,
We had our whole lives ahead.
But you were taken from me,
And I'm left crying on our bed.
You said you'd never hurt me,
But you didn't have a choice.
And now I long to touch you,
Smell your scent or hear your voice.
You're not the man you said you were,
Although you never lied.
You deceived me with the truth,
You loved me until the day you died.'

By Suzanne Watt

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Happy Writing!

Rach x 

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