Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is a great one to describe the winter weather most of us are seeing at the moment;


- Very cold
- Icy
- Frosty
- Wintry
- Chilly

Gelid is derived from the Latin Gelidus which means icy cold. It is thought to have entered the english language somewhere around the 1600's.

'Alice shivered as she slipped out of the tent and out into the frosty landscape surrounding her. The crisp layer of undisturbed snow covering the ground and the glittering icicles hanging from the branches of nearby trees were certainly beautiful, but it's beauty did nothing to hide it gelid reality.' 

Can you use this word in a short piece of prose, flash fiction or poetry?
Comment it below and share the creativity!

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