Monday, 19 December 2016

Motivational Monday! Fiction Factory Short Story Competition

This week we're featuring Fiction Factory's Short Story Competition!

This competition is for short stories with a maximum word count of 3,000. Stories can be in any genre except children's and young adult.

There is a small entry fee of £6 and for an extra £5 you can get a critique of your story as well, so even if you don't win you'll still get some expert advice at what to improve on.

Please note that the closing date is the 31st of December 2016 and any entries received after this date will not be counted.

The winning story will receive £150, second place will receive £50, two merit places will receive £25 each and all winning stories will be published online and in a planned future anthology.

Please remember to check the website for formatting guidelines and more information, sadly many great stories, poems and literary works are disqualified in many competitions simply because the writer did not use the desired formatting, don't let your work be one them!

To read the rules, find out more and to enter please visit Fiction Factory Short Story Competition!

Happy Writing & Good Luck

Rach x

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