Thursday, 3 November 2016

I Love It!

Morning fellow NaNo's!

So it's day three of NaNoWriMo, which means we've all had a chance to get started now - even those of us who didn't start until yesterday!
So, how is your novel writing going so far? Are you loving every second? Or are you tearing your hair out in frustration because those pesky words just don't seem to want to be caught and tied to the paper?
Have you had a NaNo disaster? Or is everything going pretty well for you so far? What's your word count? Are you on track to meet the 50,000 word target, are you aiming for more than that, or are you miles away?
I didn't get to start on the first day, which rankled me quite a bit because I was really looking forward to getting stuck in! But the day jobs have to be maintained no matter how much we wanna slip back into our stories. So I didn't get to start until yesterday morning, where I had a two hour window in which to get as much down as possible... I stared at my notes, (my incredibly vague notes), and I stared at the blank screen in front of me, and I wrote the title, and I wrote the name of the first chapter, and I made some coffee, and I wrote some words, and then I deleted them, and then I made some more coffee...  
This was already a lot harder than I thought, this didn’t usually happen to me, most of the time I just throw words at the paper and it seems to work out. (With a good edit afterwards of course!) I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn't find the right words to say it, how could this happen, I was already behind!? Anyway, to cut a long story short I managed to get just over 1,000 words down before it was time to go to work, and they definitely weren't the best 1,000 words I've ever written. But they were a start! And that was exactly what I needed. I spent all afternoon at my job thinking about my novel, my characters, what I wanted to happen next, who I wanted them to talk to etc, etc, and by late yesterday evening I was sat in front of my computer again, raring to go. But would the words come? Would they fuck! I finished the first half of that first chapter and it took me hours and it was painful, like pulling teeth painful, cringeworthy! That first bit is going to need a heck of a lot of editing before anyone other than me even so much as glances at it!

I was gonna give up then, call it a night, come back to it tomorrow, but my word count was still pretty rubbish and I had some good ideas I wanted to get down. So I started on the second half of the first chapter, which is from a different character's POV... and the words flowed like little rivers all racing downhill towards the ocean below, faster and faster until my fingers could barely keep up with my brain and my character took on a life of his own... he even insisted that I change his name!
For the next hour or so I lost myself in the story and that is the part of writing that I love, when it's coming out of you so fast it feels more like you're reading it than writing it. And when you get to the end and you're full of that beautiful feeling of success, the success of having made something, having created something, having breathed life into those characters and made them dance.
That's what I love most about writing, and that's why I know I'll always be a writer, even if my NaNo novel turns out to be absolute rubbish, even if I never get published and no one but me and you lovely people ever read any of my words. It will all be worth it, ten times over, because I love it.
I love it.

Happy Writing! & Good Luck with your NaNo novels!  

Rach x

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