Thursday, 13 October 2016

Secrecy and Clarity

We were all so young. You must understand that. Much too young in fact.
With the un naturally extended lives which we all now endure, we look at octogenarians as teenagers. Imagine how it was for us.
My five companions and I, were each a mere twenty two years old and all orphans - our dear Adoni was just forty - and the bastard son of a despot.
We were all thrown into the tornado by our God himself  - in a baptism of betrayal.
Our Masters and our training was what kept us alive in the end.
The universe is cruel and I know that better than most through the understanding of my deep sight. Sometimes I envy the unborn. Although my blood allegiances ensure that I could never condone their actions -  I certainly understand their motives.
I weep for the future - and for anyone who has to learn the truth about what happened.
I don’t sleep anymore.

The Sacred Sister, Ki’entha Kapos Chi.
- Diaries after Gia.

“Everybody inside as quickly as possible please!” Barked Raethal as he beckoned Adoni and the others into the temple portico with haste.
Looks of shock and confusion were worn on the faces of the six younglings and indeed of Adoni himself, as the temple walls screeched upwards and out of the ground, sealing them all inside. They looked up to see the underneath of a fast moving, and massive, emergence of plasteel. The solid, pyramidical, armoured security cover now encased the entire temple and all those within.
Standing in the now floodlit courtyard of the sealed temple garden, Master Hassan jumped up onto a bench in the quad and brought everyone to attention.

“Form up! You too please my Lord!” Hassan clapped his hands.
“Everyone remain calm.” He said with a soft voice. “This is a serious situation but it is exactly what we are here for - so make yourselves comfortable. Please be seated.”
The group sat down on the grass with the exception of Lars Raethal, who was still monitoring all of the security viewers in the western corner of the garden.
“The tanks report a clear perimeter.” He said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. “A tight formation and a good landing. - I’m pulling up the Levyethin files now Thorin.”

“Thank you Lars.” Hassan said with a smile. “I need your complete and undivided attention now please everyone. You are all about to be briefed about a very serious problem that the Maker army has been tackling for thousands of generations. This is privileged information and must remain so.” Everyone stared back at Hassan, listening intently.
“Firstly I would like to talk to you all about the nature of secrecy and why it is so important here. To keep a secret, is to intentionally retain a piece of information from others. We all know this of course, but at this level - it’s often about life or death. Being as the word ‘keep’ is a successful word - it must follow that to ‘keep a secret’ follows on to be a successful act. In essence, what you are about to learn could be very dangerous information if it were to be made available to our enemies. I can’t make it any clearer. Many have died for us to have gained this intelligence.”
The Master then jumped down from the bench and spun down elegantly into a crossed legged sitting position with the others on the grass.
Across the quad in the corner, Raethal transferred his poniard from his belt to the waistband of his trousers, unclipped his belt and took off his tunic which he draped over his left arm as he walked across the now sealed up courtyard to join them.

“Here’s what you want.” Raethal barked as he reached into his shirt pocket and threw a small clear bead up into the air towards the dark converging plates of the temple’s shielded ceiling. The bead stopped dead in mid air some six meters above and then lit up and expanded out into a holoframe. Hassan addressed everyone calmly.
“Before we go on, all of you please read this. It is a highly classified report by Grand Master An’ewat Jentha Korbandin, the Director General of Stellaris Militia Intelligencia.” Said Hassan as he typed at his wrist pad.
“For the time being at least, we shall be answering directly to S.M.I and to Lord Enik’s staff - nobody else. It is important that you fully absorb all of the details in this report - read it twice if you need to. I regret that I can’t add very much to this report as you will understand after reading it, but I imagine you may all have some questions afterwards - if I am able to elaborate, I will. There is more Shem Bread available if any of you need it.”
Momentarily, the holoframe filled with a report entitled  - THE LEVYETHIN.
As the six students and Adoni sat and read the report outlining the great threat, Luka and Adoni’s sleek smilodon Cat, joined Masters Raethal and Hassan who were now seated on the bench next to the firestone.

Hassan turned to Raethal and the Gobot and pulled a reference pad out from underneath the bench.
“We shall need the full hand to hand and short weapons training set.” He whispered. “Also, basic outdoor survival - tailored to Gia, and the regular S.M.I field protocol training.”
“Agreed.” Said Raethal with a nod.
Luka lowered her vocal volume level to address the Masters. “How can I assist? She said. “Is there anything that I can arrange as far as tutorial assistance is concerned?”
Raethal frowned. “Normally Luka, I would say yes, but this situation is too pressing for us to burn any unnecessary time. I recommend that we split them into two groups and field train them separately, half and half - I’ll Take the Acolyte shadow guard first for weapons and strategy. That leaves Thorin to take the younglings and Adoni for field and survival training. After a week we switch groups - in two weeks we should be able to graduate them. What do you think Thorin?”

Hassan Grimaced and shook his head. “I think this is thin ice Lars. I think it’s negligent corner cutting, and I don’t feel good about it. But - you’re right. We just don’t have the time to do this any other way. Anything outstanding will have to be taught on Gia as they go along.”
“So be it.” Raethal agreed. “I will be accompanying them all back to Gia when they're done to assist Aethian - we can get them sharpened up then. We’ll just have to hope that the mouth breathers are a few steps behind us.”
“Good.” said Hassan with a smile. “That’s a working plan. If we have to adjust it in the process then we shall skin the beast after the hunt. When you all leave for Gia in two weeks, I will report back to The Mothers and follow you there afterwards.”
“Understood.” Said Lars. “Right! Are you done reading everyone? Hands up if you are?” He barked at the seated younglings. All of their right hands were raised in reply. “Excellent.” Lars and Thorin stood and walked back to the lawn to address the students.
Hassan sat down with them. “Before we go on,” he said, “it’s clear to me that there will be a further piece of data regarding the situation on Gia which we don’t have yet. It is of note that we don’t have the exact details of what has happened in the Sol system from Lord Enik. It may be that it is not entirely understood yet, or that it is too sensitive for comms.  I’m guessing it may be a compartmentalised issue, but we will be briefed fully, and soon no doubt. I will chase up the intelligence and try to find out exactly what has happened from S.M.I. - For now though, do any of you have any questions?”

Adoni Raised his hand. “Yes -I do Master.” He said.
“Go on.” Said Hassan gesturing toward him.
“Why have I not been informed about this threat before? I feel hoodwinked! My knowledge of galactic history is flawless Master. I may only be forty years old, but my bloodline is royal and I have the sovereign awakening of my entire ancestry!” Adoni had a clear tone of disdain in his voice.
Luka spoke, “Adoni… we” - “Thank you Luka, I’ll take this question.” Hassan cut in over her. “This threat is quite ancient. Keeping it suppressed over the years has been vital for so many reasons. Only the highest Orders and selected individuals within them have ever been made aware of it. You must realise that YOU - are now one of those individuals. This will never appear in a history book Adoni. History - is written by winners my lord. In our case, that’s means your father. He has now seen fit to brief you all. Therefore - you have NOT been hoodwinked, quite the opposite in fact. - Is that clear?”

Adoni frowned. “It is clear - but I still feel like I am being taken for a boy!”
Master Raethal cleared his throat and spoke over Adoni -
“You are a boy my lord! Don’t sulk about it. You will one day have your own stem, and your legacy will determine the future of an entire world - but you have to build it and manage it independently of the rest of the galaxy. Once you take up your Godhood, only the seven of you here will be in place on Gia - locked in, until the population awakens thousands of generations from now. If you fail - they may NEVER awaken! It would be a serious threat to your planet if you labour under any illusions about anybody coming to save it other than yourselves. Now -  I have made that clear? Do you feel ready to take up that responsibility yet? Because, if you do - then you are indeed a MAN. - If you don’t - then you must accept that you still have things to learn! I will not train someone with personal delusions, ego or bitterness! - Period! Are we absolutely clear on that Adoni?”  Lars stared Adoni down with his arms crossed.

“Very well Master!” Shouted Adoni, a clear hint of contempt in his voice. The Smilodon jumped up with it’s heckles proud, bared its saber teeth and roared at Raethal, who looked across at it, rolled his eyes and laughed. “Any time puss cat!” He shouted as he fingered the pommel of the poniard at his waist.
“We shall see.” Added Hassan. “You would do well to listen to Master Raethal my lord. Your training will be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Without the training - you are all as good as dead. Make NO mistake about it”
The other younglings sat wide eyed and confused. None of them had ever seen an exchange like this before and none of them felt entitled to say a word, much less ask a question. - All but Ki’entha, who spoke assertively without raising her hand.

“This situation is clearly very grave - and as such, I shall not mince my words.” She said.
“I should hope not Sister! Everybody’s opinion is valuable here!” Said the widely grinning Raethal.
Ki’entha continued. “I should like first, to explain a little about my deep sight ability so that we may all have transparency on the subject.”
“Please do Sister.” Said Hassan with a nod. “I rather doubt that any of your fellows here have ever encountered anyone who shares your gift.”

Ki’entha adjusted her crossed legged position on the grass to face everyone else before continuing. “I shall use our recent initiation to the awakening brought about by Shem Bread as an example I think.” The others sat silently each listening intently to their Sister.
“The deep sight ability is hereditary in the female lines of very few families - a rare gift. There is no doubt much more about the gift which I have yet to learn, what I do know, I learned from the one remaining journal left to me by my late Mother, who also had the sight. The deep sight can skip several generations with no sign of manifesting in a young girl and then can show clearly out of nowhere. No males have ever developed the sight. It is a latent genetic trait which may be traced back directly to Holy Mother Chi. The sight generally manifests between the ages of three and six. If it has not developed by the age of eight, it never will. When we all took our Shem Bread for the first time, I was shocked by the sensory overload it brought about in me.  I felt the awakening of other memories from my genetic line through the generations. Although these memories are fragmented and some completely anonymous, the truths and knowledge which can be gleaned from them and applied in the living moment is quite remarkable. - The deep sight has a very similar mechanism to this awakening, and indeed the vibration and feeling associated with it is very much in keeping with the classical awakening of the Shem. - In simple terms, I have the ability to see through to the truth of things very quickly. I have accelerated intuition and am able to see patterns and extrapolate outcomes of situations quickly and accurately.”
Jachin smiled warmly and looked at Ki’entha. “Outstanding!” He said. “Truly extraordinary!”   

“Quite so” She continued matter of factly. “And now I have explained myself to you all, I would speak directly to our Masters.” She said, looking now at Raethal and Hassan.
“Please go on Sister.” Said Raethal.
“Very well.” Ki’entha stood up and walked to stand just below the holoframe.
“This report Gentlemen, is in part at least - a lie.” She said pointing up at the Levyethin file.
Hassan frowned and crossed his arms. “I respect your gift Sister.” Hassan spoke firmly. “But you must understand that this intelligence comes from the highest level and carries Lord Enik’s seal! If you see a problem with anything therein - You should explain yourself.”
Ki’entha’s eyes scanned over the document once more and as she finished reading, she shook her head tight lipped before turning to face everyone else once again.
“I cannot give you specifics, only strong intuitive suspicions. This report is certainly not complete. The author has omitted valuable data - by design, in an effort to withhold a greater truth. - I know it. It feels very suspicious. There is fear here - fear of discovery.”

Hassan and Raethal both looked at each other with a mixture of bemusement and confusion before Hassan replied. “I can’t see how this can be true Ki’entha - I just can’t.”
“Well it is.” She said calmly. “I would stake my life on it!”
Raethal walked across to Ki’entha, placed his hand on her shoulder and spoke reassuringly.
“Try to relax Sister. This situation must be shocking to you all, but we must combat it logically and collectively. I trust you implicitly, but there’s a mistake in your analysis. None of us are perfect and some things are not what they seem.”
Ki’entha stared back at him knowingly. “You may be quite sure of that Sir! She said wide eyed. “I know that neither of you Masters are aware of this subtle deception, but I assure you - that it most certainly IS there.”
Adoni smiled sardonically at Raethal “Very interesting Sister!” He said.

“That’s enough for now I think!” Said Hassan. “Why don’t the seven of you take an hour to get better acquainted. - You will spend the rest of your lives together after all! This issue will wait for a little while longer I think.”
Ki’entha shook her head. “Good idea!” She said with a scowl - and walked hastily across the garden to leave via the north porch. “Why do I get the feeling that we are being set up for a fall!”

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