Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wordy... Thursday!

Due to work and having to attend work courses yesterday I sadly missed my window of opportunity to put up my Wordy Wednesday post... So here's a Wordy Thursday post for you instead :) 

This weeks Wordy... Thursday word is;


- Used when referring to the voice.
- Very loud and powerful (voice).

This is another word that stems from mythology! This one comes from the name 'Stentor', who was a warrior in Greek Mythology, who was said to have a voice as powerful as fifty men. This word entered English during the 1600's.

'Grace took an involuntary step backwards at Darren's outburst. His stentorian voice hit her like a physical blow and the felt the cold fury of his anger seep through her skin, creating fireworks of fear that exploded throughout her chest.' 


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word!

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