Thursday, 15 September 2016

Taking a Break

Dear Beautiful Readers

Many of you have been following our fantastic SciFi series 'The Young Blood' and, I hope, very much enjoying it! 
Well, with the release of chapter 10 last week we have reached the end of our first book in the series and will be taking a short break to prepare for book two. 
The completed series will contain three books, so don't worry because there is plenty more story left to discover. Book two will air on this website again in a few weeks time (we haven't picked a date yet) so keep checking back.

While your waiting there's plenty more interesting bits and pieces here for you to enjoy! 
Try Artel, my weekly adventure story, head over to the Hints and Tips page for some writing advice, or peruse the list of competitions you could enter on the Writing Competitions page. There's also plenty of Poetry, Short Stories and pieces of Creative Writing you can enjoy reading, as well as some Book Reviews if you're looking for your next read. 

And don't forget, if you have something to offer, whether it's fiction, poetry, book reviews or writing advice, and you want to get involved please feel free to submit your work or send me an email!

Happy Writing!

Rach x

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