Monday, 12 September 2016

Motivational Monday! The Caterpillar Story for Children Prize

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This weeks Motivational Monday! post features The Caterpillar Story for Children Prize.

The Caterpillar is a print magazine for children between the ages of 7 and 11, featuring short stories, poetry and art. The magazine is the younger sibling of The Moth which I believe I have featured on this site before, but for those of you who don't know, is a magazine featuring short stories, poetry and art for adults.

So, this competition is for a children's story of up to 1,500 words. Your story must be entirely your own work and must never have been published or broadcast in any way.
There is a 12 euro entry fee but you can enter as many stories as you like.

The first prize is 500 euros and a two week stay at The Moth's Artists Residence.
Second prize is 300 euros.
Third prize is 200 euros.

All three of the winning stories will also appear in the winter 2016 issue of The Caterpillar.

The closing date for this competition is the 30th September 2016 so if you've always fancied trying your hand at writing a short children's story, or if you've got one tucked away in the back of a notebook somewhere, now is the time to get it out and send it in!

There is a full list of guidelines and rules for entries available to look at on their website, always remember to read the entry rules to look for formatting instructions or guidance, many competitions will not even consider your work if it's not formatted in the way that they asked for!

To read the competition rules, find out more and to enter the competition please visit The Caterpillar Story for Children Prize.

Happy writing

Rach x

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