Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is;


- To regard as worthless or as having little value.
- To weigh or estimate a person or thing and find them not worth considering.
- To vilify, depreciate.

This word comes from the Latin word vilis which mean cheap and the Latin word pendere which meant to consider. It would have entered English around the 1500's and was used until around the 1900's.
This is where it is believed the modern English word vile comes from.

'Although he should have been grateful for the gifts he received, the Prince was stubborn and foolish, and he treated the gifts in a vilipend manner, barely even deeming to mutter thanks to those who had presented them.' 


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word!

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