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8. Unborn Rising

We three Sisters are the root. Chi, Ti and Ki.
Enik knew even in the earliest times, that there would be a necessity for discipline but he has never applied it hard enough to the lineage.
As you see children grow, they may be separated into two groups.
Firstly we see “The maker group”, those who wish to build and craft and to discover new things with the assistance of their peers. These types of children will refine the things around them to make tools and develop their progression and understanding of their worlds for themselves.
Then we have “The player group”, those children tend to prefer to have things which have been given to them, rather than objects of their own crafting. They would rather spend time alone, dreaming and playing in an internal fantasy world, than taking the initiative to create something better for themselves.
When one encounters an individual of our cosmic succession, one must first ask -
Who am I dealing with?
A Maker - or a Player?

Reckoning.” - The Journal of the Holy Mothers.
Ishtar Prime.

The net was closing in. Brindi had been sat in her Planetology lab at the Lunar Keep for forty hours frantically reviewing and cataloguing the latest batch of samples from Habber’s village. The same three Gobots had meticulously gathered every last shred of evidence from the burn scene on the surface and they were positive that there was nothing more to be gleaned from the Levyethin death site.
She was desperate for some kind of instruction from the clutch but had, up to now, only found one coded shred to appease her.
“What is the meaning of this message?” She thought to herself. She had crossmatched all of the burned Copper specimens in the first eleven hours of her vigil, yet she had only deciphered one single pheromone code, which had been sprayed on an abandoned hunter’s spearhead.
It simply read, “Be silent and return.”
Brindi was now becoming so worried about her involvement in this treacherous espionage that it was only a matter of time before she would be compromised. She could not relax, sleep had escaped her for weeks and she was noticeably perspiring with the anxiety of her betrayals.
As she closed her most recent test dish and opened the filing unit her wrist pad bleeped and the voice of Lemin Tarapel echoed trough the lab.
“Good morning Brindi. The drop team will be assembling in the main hangar at last quarter. Please attend.”
Brindi wiped the sweat from her temples and forehead and straightened her hair.
‘Enik will be there - and the Spymaster too!’ She thought. ‘How can I maintain this subterfuge around such adept foes? Damned Meateaters!’
The tightness in her chest became more noticeable as she became more and more aware of her own quickening heartbeat.
‘I MUST calm myself.’ She thought as she made for her desk and took out a small container of Still tablets. She removed two pills, poured a glass of cold Apple juice from the decanter in her restroom and drank them down greedily. She then took a sequence of seven, ten second breaths, slowly, in and out. Each time she exhaled, she felt her composure returning little by little.
The left hand medicine cabinet door slid open with the touch of Brindi’s finger. She continued to regulate her breath as she reached inside the shelf housing to unfasten a small field shot of Woundmorphen that had been secreted there for the last two months. The dose was loaded in an anciently designed, steel booster pen, an elegant, shiny device which had been received in a dead drop container which Brindi had covertly retrieved from the surface of Gia long ago.
She pushed the booster into the inside of her wristpad strap and pulled her sleeve down to render it hidden.
‘This is enough.’ She thought to herself. ‘It’s time.’
She stared at herself in the mirror, finalised her breathing mantra and shook her left wrist to open a return message. “I will be there Lemin. Thank you.” She said in her regular clear voice.
Looking in the mirror, she straightened her tunic before walking to her laboratory door.
‘Gods below’. She thought. ‘I may not survive this.’

After a short walk from the Planetology section laboratory to the stores, Brindi had managed to calm herself in the colder air of the corridors. As she entered the Quartermasters mess she could see Lemin’s young assistant, Dolan Yin, seated and comparing pad data with two tech engineers and a Pilotbot.
“Good morning doctor Enikson.” Said Yin, as Brindi smiled and sat down next to him.
“You are a little early for the final checks I’m afraid. Lord Enik will be here at last quarter for the mission launch but please make yourself comfortable. Is there anything I can get you?”
Brindi placed her left hand on Yin’s right forearm and smiled.
“You are one of my favorite Acolytes Dolan, You know that don’t you?”
The young man blushed and smiled.
“I try my hardest to serve you all here at the keep Doctor. If my efforts please you then I am humbled by your favor.”
Brindi’s hand moved from Dolan’s arm down underneath the table where she began to softly caress his inner thigh.
I would like to see the inside of one of the new Angels before the drop team is deployed if possible Dolan?” She spoke matter of factly as her hidden caress became more intense.
Yin cleared his throat nervously as he turned to his two engineers and said, “That will be all for now thank you gentlemen, I should make some time for the good doctor here.”
Yin stood and gestured to the secure hangar doors. “Doctor, if you will?” He said with a broad grin.
“Thank you Dolan. You are a good boy.” replied Brindi as she led the way out of the mess hall.

Dolan followed Brindi silently through the familiar hallways that lead to the main hangar. He walked slightly behind her, admiring her confident form as she lead the way. He had never been with a woman yet he found himself increasingly aware of the subtle way Brindi’s hips swung as she walked. His eyes followed the curve of her back, from the strong form of her slight shoulders down towards the inviting curve of her buttocks. He shook his head, trying to dispel the thoughts from his mind. He knew he should not be thinking of his superior in such a way.
The pair reached the door to main hangar and Brindi entered the code that unlocked the imposing silver doors so that they slid silently open. She turned to him and smiled as she took his hand and lead him through the doors and into the main hangar. The doors closed behind them, locking them in. The hangar was silent, the only sound their soft footsteps as they walked towards the stationary Angel. When they reached the great disc shaped ship Brindi entered another code that opened the metallic door with a soft swish, she offered Dolan a sultry grin as she stepped over the doorframe and pulled him after her.
Brindi had never been inside an Angel and it took her a moment to take in the large room fitted with chairs and control panels that all appeared to be worked from the same smooth silver metal. A slight hum filled the air and a dim light shone from the cockpit, informing its passengers that the craft was in standby mode.
Dolan’s attention was pulled back to Brindi as she took his other hand and pulled him gently towards her. She was leaning casually against the silver table stationed just below the control panels set into the wall and Dolan could not help but admire her figure. As he moved closer to her he felt his heart begin to race and a strange carnal feeling stir in the base of his stomach. He opened his mouth to speak but she placed a soft finger over his lips, making a soft shushing sound as she did so. She smiled and leant forward, brushing a soft kiss against his lips. He felt his body tighten and his desire rise and he leaned forward to kiss her back but she had already moved back, a sly smile flickering across her face.
Tentatively Dolan placed his hands on her hips and ran them across her firm stomach. She pulled him closer and reached up to undo the silver clasps on the front of his tunic. The clasps came undone easily and she pushed the fabric up over his shoulders and down his arms, revealing his bare sculpted chest. Dolan felt his heart beating faster, he was nervous but also excited and the feeling made him brave. He shook the sleeves of his tunic from his arms, discarding the blue and white garment on the floor and placing his hands back on Brindi’s body. This time he moved them up across her stomach until he reached the curve of her small breasts which he cupped with his hands. He felt himself harden as he gave in to the carnal desire erupting inside of him and leant forward, planting small kisses along the soft skin of Brindi’s exposed neck and inhaling her sweet musky scent.
She slipped her thumbs into the back of the waistband of his trousers and he felt her hands sliding around his hips to the front, where she deftly released the button and began to slide the garment down, revealing his desire as she did so.
Needing no encouragement Dolan kicked off the black work boots he wore and pulled the trousers over his feet with one hand, the other still cupping Brindi’s left breast and his mouth still leaving traces of soft kisses across her neck and jaw.
Standing naked before her he felt afraid but he also felt excited, the mix of emotions and desire curdled in his belly and made his hands shake slightly, but it was a feeling he liked, a feeling he never wanted to leave. He pulled his face back from Brindi’s, fixing his dark eyes on hers. She held his gaze for a moment before sweeping her eyes across his naked body. For a moment he felt shy and embarrassed, but as soon as the feeling had come it changed and he found the desire in his stomach increasing.
Brindi smiled slightly and pulled him towards her. Their lips met in a soft kiss that grew as Dolan’s desire fueled him took over. He was passionate, he was lost, consumed by the feeling that grew and spread through his body as all his senses focused on the woman in front of him.
Dolan barely noticed the thick needle that pierced the skin at the base of his neck. Shock registered dimly as the anaesthetic worked through his bloodstream and he lost consciousness.

Brindi stood over Dolan’s unconscious body. Her eyes roved across his pink, naked body, and she wondered how he had been so overcome by desire that he had lost his senses. She shook her head slightly as she flipped the booster pen in her right hand, catching it deftly each time. Her left hand moved to her face, wiping the spent kisses from her neck and jaw.
Working quickly Brindi pulled Dolan’s crumpled naked form into a more workable position. She paused before she began, it was a shame really, he was a fine specimen, but that was irrelevant.
Brindi straddled Dolan’s inert form, leaning over his chest and breathing hard as she brought the sharp nib of the booster pen down towards the soft skin of Dolan’s chest.
The nib pierced the skin easily, leaving a deep angry wound stretching from one of Dolan’s nipples to the other. Brindi stood back to admire her work. The word UNBORN, written in crimson blood, made a stark contrast against Dolan’s pale skin. There was no chance anyone would mistake this message.
Brindi opened the craft’s metallic door and kicked Dolan’s inert form from the ship’s gang ramp, watching with some satisfaction as it hit the floor of the hangar with a sickening crack.

Leaving Dolan’s unconscious body sprawled out on the hangar floor, Brindi closed the boarding ramp of the Angel and powered up the propulsion. Seated in the central pilot’s seat she opened the exterior dome of the hangar to expose the glistening starscape above. The harsh whine of the warning sirens immediately rang out throughout the deck as she gripped the control yolk and drew the Angel upwards into space and clear of the hangar.
“UNBORN!” She screamed with elation as she threw the Angel into slipsend and took off into spacefold with a loud crack and a ripple of spiralling darkness.

As the launch dome sealed again the loading doors burst open and Tackle, Aethian and Jinder, sprinted into the now empty hangar, stopping short as they met the bloodied and vulnerable form of Dolan Yin on the launch pad floor.
Enik, Lemin and Laesia, followed just behind as the shocking reality of the situation became clear.
Enik shook his wrist and shouted into his Comm Pad. “Flight control! Where is the drop team Angel?”
The controller’s voice came back, “The Angel has slip launched with the code of Doctor Brindi Enikson Sire. Is there a problem?”
“No! No! Impossible!” He cried.
Laeisa fell to her knees to attend to the passed out Acolyte. Wiping the blood from his chest she gasped, “This wound, there is writing in the cuts!”
“What does it say?” Roared Aethian as he loaded up the security footage of the launch on the deck monitor.
She threw up her head to face the Spymaster. “It says, unborn.” She muttered nervously.
“What does it mean?” She asked as Aethian Slammed his fists hard on the controls of the monitor.
“It means we have a fucking defector!” Seethed Jinder through clenched teeth.
Lemin and Enik shared a look of shock and disgust.
The internal rage of Aethian’s failure had come to a head. He marched across to Tackle. Turning to face the blank, convex, mirror surface of his assault Gobot’s face, he stared deeply into his own eyes as they shone back at him.
“Tackle - it is time to give you a purpose!” He said as he drew his poniard and cut himself deeply across the back of his own left wrist.
Sheathing his blade once more, he took the tip of his right index finger and dipped it into his wound to soak it with blood. He then drew two eyes and a smiling face on Tackle’s silver cover visor, tracing the form of his own reflection.

“Mark my words Tackle! Either my face, or yours - will be the last thing that cunt ever sees!”

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