Monday, 4 July 2016

Motivational Monday! The Flash Fiction Challenge 2016

This weeks Motivational Monday! post features The Flash Fiction Challenge 2016.

This is a competition with a bit of a difference.
Writer's are challenged to create stories of no more than 1,000 words based on a given genre, location and object.
Each writer will compete in at least two challenges, and if they are successful in those will go on to compete in up to four challenges.
Each group is given it's own criteria to write about and each writer is only judged against the other writers in their group. After the first two challenges are complete the five writers from each group that scored the highest will move on the challenge number three.
In challenge number three the writers are again split into groups and each group is assigned a new set of criteria to write about. Then the four highest scoring writers from that challenge move on to challenge number four.
In challenge number four the writers are given their final set of criteria to write about. This is the final stage of the competition where writers are competing for thousands in cash and prizes.

You must enter the competition by the final entry deadline of July 21st and the entry fee is $55.

If you visit the website there is an option to get $5 off the entry fee by tweeting about the competition.

The dates for this competition are as follows:
Early entry: June 16th
Final entry: July 21st
Challenge #1: July 22nd - 24th
Challenge #2: September 16th - 18th
Challenge #3: November 4th - 6th
Challenge #4: December 9th - 11th 

Every writer that submits a story will receive feedback on their work from that judges and there is also the option to upload your work to a review forum where other writers can read and review it.

I think this is a great challenge, it's something a bit different and fun and I'm seriously thinking about giving it a go.

To read more and to enter the competition please follow this link; The Flash Fiction Challenge 2016

Happy writing

Rach x

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