Thursday, 2 June 2016


Love is your eyes,
Your smile, Your voice, Your laugh,
Love is the warmth of your hand resting lightly upon mine,
Love is your sleeping body beside me at night.

Love is play-fighting on the sofa in the evening,
And the silence that stretches between us while we're busy,
It is your voice calling out to me as I arrive home from work,
And the sight of your discarded clothes on the bedroom floor.

Love is your arms around me,
It is your fingers weaved through mine,
Love is you beside me,
Even when I'm all alone.

Love is the harsh words of disagreement,
And the awkward silence that follows,
It is the look in your eye and the feeling in my stomach,
It is the first kiss all over again.

Love is your grin as you tease me,
It is the look on my face when you appear unannounced,
Love is waking up each morning to your warmth beside me,
It is your name on the tip of my tongue.

Love is knowing you,
Your shape and sound and smell,
It is a warm familiarity,
And the relief of knowing I am home.

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