Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Writing Prompt!

Everyone loves a good prompt, I myself use them quite regularly, it's a great tool to get the brain thinking outside the box.

This is the first of my writing prompt posts, although if you head over to my Writing Prompts page you will see that there are already a few on there for you to have a go at.

So this weeks prompt is an idea:

'You and your friend discover a time machine, you can go anywhere in the world, any time in history or the future. There's only one catch, you can only use it once (once being a return journey). Where & when do you go? Write your adventure...' 

If you have written a piece and would like to post it in the comments section below for others to read please feel free to or if you're particularly proud of it and would like to submit it for publication on this website please visit my Submissions page and follow the instructions there.

Happy writing

Rach x

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