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The Young Blood

By Matt Murdoc

At that time, the Sol Primostem, was certainly one of our more promising hopes.
There was a simple Hominid species with good evolutional potential and the beginnings of intelligence already evolving on the third planet, “Gia” and we made the most of that fact.
Initial studies showed that this simple Ape had artistic thought and the use of tools. It was decided that we could improve the species.
A council of nine builders was convened, three from Uruk, three from Zeta Riticuli Prime and our remaining three sovereign Mothers from the original geriatric source.
The gathering had almost voted to destroy the whole stem but at the last moment, Enik, a brilliant and ancient scientist from Abyssal Secondus, was given leave to place the last remaining samples of the great yield into the protoforma of a planet we later learned was called “Earth” by its inhabitants. – Our children if you will.
They called themselves “Humans”  but to us, they are the Ada'maya.

Initially, there were some awakening problems, the shock of becoming self aware is a delicate moment for any species.
The first yield in the Sol stem gave Enik his Son - The Adoni.
The blend was good and the purity was excellent. A strong yet submissive specimen but a little too easily frightened.
He was retained in the prime Star keep behind Gia's Moon for his first forty solar years where he was educated and nurtured.
Adoni was fearful and as many of the gathering had suggested, it was this trait of fear that should have been bred out in the second yield.
Enik however, would take no counsel on the matter, he insisted that this fear would provide his newly created stem with an inherent safety mechanism.
When the Adoni reached sexual maturity, it was decided that first he should be bred to the existing Gia stock. He took to the female provided quite eagerly but the Gian stock was too weak and that pregnancy failed.

“There's nothing for it” said Enik. “I will use my own blood as a model and create a protofemale to match the Adoni.”
Brindi, Enik's assistant, thought she would try and offer her suggestion one last time.
She turned her chair to face him and said;
“We only have another thousand solar cycles before we have to go back to source. We can't leave the Adoni here without at least a tenth yield understanding and we can not leave our technology or any bots or watchers to monitor the development afterwards.”
If you leave him alone with the natural stock he will live maybe another four hundred years but breed nothing but white. We have the rules for a reason!”
“I have thought of that Brindi” said Enik “I haven't rested for several months but the new Angels are nearly ready.”
“They will last for far longer than you or I will and they have slip-send capability. The gathering will still be able to watch Gia's progress after we plant the stem and retrieve data for
at least a billion more solar cycles.”
Enik stood up and walked to the pad platform next to the laboratory door, gesturing for Brindi to follow.
“Let's go down to the production hangar so you can see for yourself.”
Enik and Brindi held on to the grab rails as the pad sphere sealed and took flight along the outskirts of the Moon base through a transparent Platinum tube link. They passed four service bays packed with resource containers which were being busily re arranged by Gobots before the pad stopped at the archive and opened the door seal to allow Lemin Tarapel, the base's head quartermaster to join them.
“The first Choir is almost ready!” he exclaimed as he grabbed the rail.
“We had just enough metal to finish them but there is more coming from Junction as we speak.”
Enik smiled broadly. “So they will simulate stars at a distance then?” he asked.
“Even better!” said Lemin “They can phase” he replied as he pointed out across the speeding Moonscape.
A small elliptical silver disc was jutting and scrambling across the horizon at such speed that it sometimes appeared to blink in and out of space.
“Very good old friend!” said Enik “Now what tools do you have for the Adoni and his descendants to establish themselves after we leave?”
“Well” said Lemin, “If you and Brindi would like to accompany me, I am about to take a speeder over to see Adoni and Luka at the exercise quarters.”  The pad sphere slowed smoothly in to the exit port with a refreshing lack of inertia and gravity, one of the benefits of Gia's lunar conditions.
“Indeed!” said Enik “Brindi has been waiting for the latest test results for three days and I think we are all eager to see what we have.”

The foundation of the Adoni

From Adoni's “Journal of the Keep” - Sol Anno: 40. Day: 1.

My Name is Adoni, I am 4.6 cubits tall in the old measure, 2.10 Meters in the latter.
My weight varies depending on my consumption of Shem bread but it is usually some 38 Kilos.
I have pale skin and dark golden hair with black within blue eyes.
My father is the ancient scientist Enik. My three Mothers are Chi, Ti,and Ki, last remaining matriarchs from the original geriatric line.
At the time of this writing, I am 40 solar years old and I am living, working and learning in the Lunar Keep of the planet Gia.
Soon I will go with my family and friends down to the surface. There, I am to build a new species and to develop the world for our future generations.
I am strong but I am afraid.
I know that one day, my star family will have to abandon me here in this hostile part of space.
I am become a God, and yet there are Gods above me that must forsake me for a future that is in my own hands.
I know so little.

At the request of the three Mothers, for four days of every week for the previous ten months, Adoni and Luka had taken an Angel trip to the “fertile crescent” area on Gia's surface.
It was a section at the top and to the polar North, North East of the planet's largest continent.
Seated in the Angel at 25,000 feet, it was clear to see that there were three rivers all converging around this area of seven thousand miles square. It was good firmament, lush with vegetation. Irrigation should be simple and then crop rotation sustainable.
Sometimes Luka would activate the mirror and allow the Angel to come down to ground level unseen.
Adoni had a good knowledge of all of the various plants and animals in the Ed'n reserve and was familiarising himself with everything from seasonal cycles, poisonous plants, predators and freak weather conditions. Many samples were already held by Brindi at the Keep but Adoni always felt a certain quickening of his senses when he breathed and smelled the true air and soil of the surface. After all, he had been born to it.

The Gobots had been deployed there ten solar years ago to begin building the Ziggurat and their work was almost completed.
Adoni admired the Ziggurat. He had of course been complicit in its design, after all it was going to be the centre of his new civilisation one day.
It would be his home, his, Temple, his Palace and his Workshop.
The base of the Ziggurat was a rectangular stone wall, 5 miles long and 3 miles wide. The hight of each step was one third of a mile and there were five levels. Castellated parapets edged the sides of the two higher levels which then divided into for spiral stone walkways leading to the roof, on top of which would be Adoni's Keep – That's where the Shem and Firestone would be installed.
The many stone walkways and ramps crawling around the lower temple complex were already completed and the Gobots were now finishing all of the cornerstones with Etherium Gold ready for super conductive tuning.
Before much longer the Ziggurat would be quantum synced to the Specialist monitoring station at Junction Minor, 10 light years away.
After that, the breeding program could begin properly.
The highward fire stone had arrived and was being safely held in the Lunar Keep by Lemin Tarapel. The Shem installation could go ahead any day now. A stock pile of Shem bread before breeding was crucial and there was more than enough gold to start the process. The most pressing problem however, still remained.
The Pre Ada'maya Ape population on planet Gia still had to be brought to heel. Furthermore, the evolutionary level they had reached was still very basic.
They were violent, tribal and volatile. A far cry from the disciplined work force that would be required for Adoni. The existing teams of Gobots on the surface had already become objects of worship for the Apes but that alone would not guarantee a long lasting submission from them. If the Nephelim were ever to leave Gia, Adoni and his people to fend for themselves, it was essential that the population must be subservient first.
The council of three Matriarchs had a solution for this problem. A new and sophisticated flush of  Elish was to be introduced into the water table of the entire Ed'n basin.
This most recent synthesis of evopharmacology promised to do three things after it's consumption by the Apes. Three things which would have a cumulative and everlasting genetic effect.
Firstly, it would re-polarise the brain stems of the Apes to activate psychoconformity to the Shem and therefore constitute Adoni as supreme Godhead.
Secondly, It would improve the ability of abstract thought and problem solving in the Apes.
Lastly, It would unify the apes as a species, washing away their old tribal urges and making way for Adoni's new religion.
After the Elish had done it's work then other animals could be re-introduced back into Ed'n. All that remained was to build Adoni a mate.

A wife for a God

Enik, Brindi and Lemin walked in to the second floor gallery parapet of the school training hall and looked down upon the practice range. The transparent ceiling afforded a majestic view of the Lunar sky, bejewelled with uncountable stars, clearly visible due to lack of light pollution.
Adoni sat on a bench in the open space at ground level, warming down and performing dexterity exercises with his fingers after the morning's workout. His loyal Tutorbot Luka, sat next to him reciting another section of universal ethics for him to learn.
Brindi and the others observed him quietly for a moment, she couldn't help noticing that the school had become cold over the recent months. Or was it just apprehension?
Enik crossed his arms and smiled broadly.
“You are quite the adept now my Son!” He shouted.
Adoni's eyes lit up as he jumped to his feet and looked up. “Father!” he replied beaming, “I missed you so much last night!”
“I am here now Adoni” said Enik, “Don't worry my boy.”
In a single movement, Adoni casually leaped the 18 meters from the ground to the gallery making a perfect somersault and landing precisely next to Lemin. Father and Son embraced each other heartily, Enik stepped back and placed his hands on Anoni's biceps.
“We have started to make a mate for you Son.” said Enik with a wry smile, “And this time I have used my own blood to counter the tolerance!”
As the three males, chortled and congratulated each other, Brindi sat quietly and swallowed.

“I must tell the Levyethins about this birth quickly but quietly” she thought.  “Now is the time for them to make their move.”

Written by Matt Murdoc

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