Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Home again, Home again Jiggidy boo

I have spent an absolutely amazing two weeks in Romania working with the Roma children of Valea Rece in Tirgu Mures. I, and the fantastic team I was a part of spent a lot of time working closely with one of the lovely families living in the village who invited us into their homes and their culture, looking after us fantastically and introducing us to new things.

We spent our time in Romania running play sessions with the children in the village which included craft activities, team games, sports and face painting. We also helped out in several cantina's that are run for the village children from poor families who struggle to get enough food and we helped to run a week-long playwork camp for 40 of the village children where we stayed at a campsite and ran many different playwork, creative and sports activities, culminating in a fancy dress and mask party for the children on the last night.

Saying goodbye to such amazing people and coming home from such a fantastic experience has been quite heart-renching and I must admit I have shed a few tears! Especially unpacking my suitcase this morning.
Working with such great children and spending time in such a different but vibrant community has been an absolute pleasure and something that I will never forget. I feel truly lucky to have been a part of something that has brought so much joy to so many children living in such drastic conditions and to have been a part of such a wonderful team of people.

Having only arrived home early this morning I am still feeling emotional and working through processing everything but I will upload a post with more details and pictures soon!

Rach x

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  1. Bloody marvelous! Well done.
    Respect to you Rach!
    :D xx