Thursday, 16 June 2016

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel,
Crashed and burned,
Torn apart at the seams,
Left behind,
Cold and all alone.

Your tears slide down,
Your bloodstained cheeks,
Anger overcoming fear,
Your heart in pieces,
Drowning in your sorrow.

Fallen angel,
How can I ever hope to help,
When you won't let me wipe your tears away,
You must allow yourself to know,
I am not here to harm you.

Your tears are blood,
Your wrists are slit,
Your tail between you're legs,
Your mind a cave of spiteful thoughts,
The pain you feel is raw.

Fallen angel,
What are you looking for,
In this dark forbidden place,
Oh my friend please come with me,
Let me lead you to your future.

Your heart lies in a thousand pieces,
Your only dreams are shattered,
Bound and broken by all you've seen,
You think your life is over,
But this is merely the beginning.

Fallen angel,
Open wide your bloodshot eyes,
And see the world around you,
Learn to open up your mind,
Learn to love and fall again.

There is more to this place,
Than you can only see,
There is a paradise,
Outside of your dark haven,
Please do not be afraid,
Of letting other people in,
We all are hurt and broken,
We all take time to heal.

Look up,
Fallen angel,
And learn to fly again.