Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Young Blood

By Matt Murdoc

At that time, the Sol Primostem, was certainly one of our more promising hopes.
There was a simple Hominid species with good evolutional potential and the beginnings of intelligence already evolving on the third planet, “Gia” and we made the most of that fact.
Initial studies showed that this simple Ape had artistic thought and the use of tools. It was decided that we could improve the species.
A council of nine builders was convened, three from Uruk, three from Zeta Riticuli Prime and our remaining three sovereign Mothers from the original geriatric source.
The gathering had almost voted to destroy the whole stem but at the last moment, Enik, a brilliant and ancient scientist from Abyssal Secondus, was given leave to place the last remaining samples of the great yield into the protoforma of a planet we later learned was called “Earth” by its inhabitants. – Our children if you will.
They called themselves “Humans”  but to us, they are the Ada'maya.

Initially, there were some awakening problems, the shock of becoming self aware is a delicate moment for any species.
The first yield in the Sol stem gave Enik his Son - The Adoni.
The blend was good and the purity was excellent. A strong yet submissive specimen but a little too easily frightened.
He was retained in the prime Star keep behind Gia's Moon for his first forty solar years where he was educated and nurtured.
Adoni was fearful and as many of the gathering had suggested, it was this trait of fear that should have been bred out in the second yield.
Enik however, would take no counsel on the matter, he insisted that this fear would provide his newly created stem with an inherent safety mechanism.
When the Adoni reached sexual maturity, it was decided that first he should be bred to the existing Gia stock. He took to the female provided quite eagerly but the Gian stock was too weak and that pregnancy failed.

“There's nothing for it” said Enik. “I will use my own blood as a model and create a protofemale to match the Adoni.”
Brindi, Enik's assistant, thought she would try and offer her suggestion one last time.
She turned her chair to face him and said;
“We only have another thousand solar cycles before we have to go back to source. We can't leave the Adoni here without at least a tenth yield understanding and we can not leave our technology or any bots or watchers to monitor the development afterwards.”
If you leave him alone with the natural stock he will live maybe another four hundred years but breed nothing but white. We have the rules for a reason!”
“I have thought of that Brindi” said Enik “I haven't rested for several months but the new Angels are nearly ready.”
“They will last for far longer than you or I will and they have slip-send capability. The gathering will still be able to watch Gia's progress after we plant the stem and retrieve data for
at least a billion more solar cycles.”
Enik stood up and walked to the pad platform next to the laboratory door, gesturing for Brindi to follow.
“Let's go down to the production hangar so you can see for yourself.”
Enik and Brindi held on to the grab rails as the pad sphere sealed and took flight along the outskirts of the Moon base through a transparent Platinum tube link. They passed four service bays packed with resource containers which were being busily re arranged by Gobots before the pad stopped at the archive and opened the door seal to allow Lemin Tarapel, the base's head quartermaster to join them.
“The first Choir is almost ready!” he exclaimed as he grabbed the rail.
“We had just enough metal to finish them but there is more coming from Junction as we speak.”
Enik smiled broadly. “So they will simulate stars at a distance then?” he asked.
“Even better!” said Lemin “They can phase” he replied as he pointed out across the speeding Moonscape.
A small elliptical silver disc was jutting and scrambling across the horizon at such speed that it sometimes appeared to blink in and out of space.
“Very good old friend!” said Enik “Now what tools do you have for the Adoni and his descendants to establish themselves after we leave?”
“Well” said Lemin, “If you and Brindi would like to accompany me, I am about to take a speeder over to see Adoni and Luka at the exercise quarters.”  The pad sphere slowed smoothly in to the exit port with a refreshing lack of inertia and gravity, one of the benefits of Gia's lunar conditions.
“Indeed!” said Enik “Brindi has been waiting for the latest test results for three days and I think we are all eager to see what we have.”

The foundation of the Adoni

From Adoni's “Journal of the Keep” - Sol Anno: 40. Day: 1.

My Name is Adoni, I am 4.6 cubits tall in the old measure, 2.10 Meters in the latter.
My weight varies depending on my consumption of Shem bread but it is usually some 38 Kilos.
I have pale skin and dark golden hair with black within blue eyes.
My father is the ancient scientist Enik. My three Mothers are Chi, Ti,and Ki, last remaining matriarchs from the original geriatric line.
At the time of this writing, I am 40 solar years old and I am living, working and learning in the Lunar Keep of the planet Gia.
Soon I will go with my family and friends down to the surface. There, I am to build a new species and to develop the world for our future generations.
I am strong but I am afraid.
I know that one day, my star family will have to abandon me here in this hostile part of space.
I am become a God, and yet there are Gods above me that must forsake me for a future that is in my own hands.
I know so little.

At the request of the three Mothers, for four days of every week for the previous ten months, Adoni and Luka had taken an Angel trip to the “fertile crescent” area on Gia's surface.
It was a section at the top and to the polar North, North East of the planet's largest continent.
Seated in the Angel at 25,000 feet, it was clear to see that there were three rivers all converging around this area of seven thousand miles square. It was good firmament, lush with vegetation. Irrigation should be simple and then crop rotation sustainable.
Sometimes Luka would activate the mirror and allow the Angel to come down to ground level unseen.
Adoni had a good knowledge of all of the various plants and animals in the Ed'n reserve and was familiarising himself with everything from seasonal cycles, poisonous plants, predators and freak weather conditions. Many samples were already held by Brindi at the Keep but Adoni always felt a certain quickening of his senses when he breathed and smelled the true air and soil of the surface. After all, he had been born to it.

The Gobots had been deployed there ten solar years ago to begin building the Ziggurat and their work was almost completed.
Adoni admired the Ziggurat. He had of course been complicit in its design, after all it was going to be the centre of his new civilisation one day.
It would be his home, his, Temple, his Palace and his Workshop.
The base of the Ziggurat was a rectangular stone wall, 5 miles long and 3 miles wide. The hight of each step was one third of a mile and there were five levels. Castellated parapets edged the sides of the two higher levels which then divided into for spiral stone walkways leading to the roof, on top of which would be Adoni's Keep – That's where the Shem and Firestone would be installed.
The many stone walkways and ramps crawling around the lower temple complex were already completed and the Gobots were now finishing all of the cornerstones with Etherium Gold ready for super conductive tuning.
Before much longer the Ziggurat would be quantum synced to the Specialist monitoring station at Junction Minor, 10 light years away.
After that, the breeding program could begin properly.
The highward fire stone had arrived and was being safely held in the Lunar Keep by Lemin Tarapel. The Shem installation could go ahead any day now. A stock pile of Shem bread before breeding was crucial and there was more than enough gold to start the process. The most pressing problem however, still remained.
The Pre Ada'maya Ape population on planet Gia still had to be brought to heel. Furthermore, the evolutionary level they had reached was still very basic.
They were violent, tribal and volatile. A far cry from the disciplined work force that would be required for Adoni. The existing teams of Gobots on the surface had already become objects of worship for the Apes but that alone would not guarantee a long lasting submission from them. If the Nephelim were ever to leave Gia, Adoni and his people to fend for themselves, it was essential that the population must be subservient first.
The council of three Matriarchs had a solution for this problem. A new and sophisticated flush of  Elish was to be introduced into the water table of the entire Ed'n basin.
This most recent synthesis of evopharmacology promised to do three things after it's consumption by the Apes. Three things which would have a cumulative and everlasting genetic effect.
Firstly, it would re-polarise the brain stems of the Apes to activate psychoconformity to the Shem and therefore constitute Adoni as supreme Godhead.
Secondly, It would improve the ability of abstract thought and problem solving in the Apes.
Lastly, It would unify the apes as a species, washing away their old tribal urges and making way for Adoni's new religion.
After the Elish had done it's work then other animals could be re-introduced back into Ed'n. All that remained was to build Adoni a mate.

A wife for a God

Enik, Brindi and Lemin walked in to the second floor gallery parapet of the school training hall and looked down upon the practice range. The transparent ceiling afforded a majestic view of the Lunar sky, bejewelled with uncountable stars, clearly visible due to lack of light pollution.
Adoni sat on a bench in the open space at ground level, warming down and performing dexterity exercises with his fingers after the morning's workout. His loyal Tutorbot Luka, sat next to him reciting another section of universal ethics for him to learn.
Brindi and the others observed him quietly for a moment, she couldn't help noticing that the school had become cold over the recent months. Or was it just apprehension?
Enik crossed his arms and smiled broadly.
“You are quite the adept now my Son!” He shouted.
Adoni's eyes lit up as he jumped to his feet and looked up. “Father!” he replied beaming, “I missed you so much last night!”
“I am here now Adoni” said Enik, “Don't worry my boy.”
In a single movement, Adoni casually leaped the 18 meters from the ground to the gallery making a perfect somersault and landing precisely next to Lemin. Father and Son embraced each other heartily, Enik stepped back and placed his hands on Anoni's biceps.
“We have started to make a mate for you Son.” said Enik with a wry smile, “And this time I have used my own blood to counter the tolerance!”
As the three males, chortled and congratulated each other, Brindi sat quietly and swallowed.

“I must tell the Levyethins about this birth quickly but quietly” she thought.  “Now is the time for them to make their move.”

Written by Matt Murdoc

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is;


- A carousel
- Noisy merrymaking
- A large gathering, usually including a series of speeches and entertainment

This word is an Americanism and is supposedly a mix of the words Jabber and Shivaree, it is thought to have entered into English in the mid 1800's.

'The air of excitement throughout the village had been gradually increasing as the day wore on and it's inhabitants frantically prepared for the Jamboree taking place that evening.'


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word. It would be great to see what you come up with!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Writing Prompt!

This weeks writing prompt is a first sentence.

'He opened his eyes and blinked but could see nothing in the thick oily darkness surrounding him, there was silence too, and the faint smell of rotting vegetables hung in the air.'

Please feel free to comment and share your writing, or if you would like to submit any of your work to this website please visit the submissions page.

Happy Writing

Rach x

Monday, 27 June 2016

Motivational Monday! The Rattle Poetry Prize 2016

I don't often feature poetry competitions on here but I am rather partial to good poetry and I know many others are, so here is a competition for all the poets among you.

This weeks Motivational Monday! post features The Rattle Poetry Prize 2016.

This competition offers a $10,000 prize for the winning poem which will also be published in the winter issue of Rattle Magazine.
10 other finalists will also have their work published in the Magazine and will receive $200 each. They will also be eligible for the $2,000 Reader's Choice Award.

The website also states that it does often offer publication to entries that did not make it to being finalists.

The entry fee is a one year subscription to Rattle Magazine for $20 and you can submit up to four poems.

The competition closes on 15/07/16.

Entries must be postal or they must be made through Submittable following the link on the website.

All entries must be in english.

To read more and to enter the competition please follow this link; Rattle Poetry Prize 2016

Happy writing

Rach x

Friday, 24 June 2016

An Unexpected Pause

Dear Beautiful Readers

Unfortunately due to all the fundraising and prep for my trip Romania, and then the trip itself, I have sadly fallen behind with my online fantasy series 'Clara'.
As it turns out, I am not, in fact, Superwoman, and as such cannot do everything, and this has come as a great sadness to me.

In all seriousness though, it's been a really busy few months and the trip really blew me away, I'm having a bit of a hard time getting my head back into normality and sorting out jobs and other boring things like that, so if you can bear with me for a bit I'd really appreciate it.

But on the bright side I will have the next chapter of Clara (Chapter 10, To Church) uploaded to next Friday 1/7/16!

From then I will resume uploading one chapter every two weeks, so Chapter 11 will be available on 15/7/16.

Thank you for your patience, and if you would like to read the story so far please head over to and search for Clara under adult fiction.
Or follow this link; 'Clara'

Apologies for the unexpected pause.

Rach x

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Writing Prompt

This weeks writing prompt is an image. 

What does your imagination come up with when you look at this picture?

If you have written a piece and would like to post it in the comments section below for others to read please feel free to or if you're particularly proud of it and would like to submit it for publication on this website please visit my Submissions page and follow the instructions there.

Happy writing

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Home again, Home again Jiggidy boo

I have spent an absolutely amazing two weeks in Romania working with the Roma children of Valea Rece in Tirgu Mures. I, and the fantastic team I was a part of spent a lot of time working closely with one of the lovely families living in the village who invited us into their homes and their culture, looking after us fantastically and introducing us to new things.

We spent our time in Romania running play sessions with the children in the village which included craft activities, team games, sports and face painting. We also helped out in several cantina's that are run for the village children from poor families who struggle to get enough food and we helped to run a week-long playwork camp for 40 of the village children where we stayed at a campsite and ran many different playwork, creative and sports activities, culminating in a fancy dress and mask party for the children on the last night.

Saying goodbye to such amazing people and coming home from such a fantastic experience has been quite heart-renching and I must admit I have shed a few tears! Especially unpacking my suitcase this morning.
Working with such great children and spending time in such a different but vibrant community has been an absolute pleasure and something that I will never forget. I feel truly lucky to have been a part of something that has brought so much joy to so many children living in such drastic conditions and to have been a part of such a wonderful team of people.

Having only arrived home early this morning I am still feeling emotional and working through processing everything but I will upload a post with more details and pictures soon!

Rach x

Friday, 17 June 2016

The Bountiful Opportunities for the Internet loving Writer

The internet is a brilliantly vast and ever-expanding resource for writers and authors. So many websites, e-magazines and blogs all offering the chance to get your work published or win prizes. You only have to type 'writing competitions' into Google's search bar and thousands of results pop up; individual competitions, lists of competitions put together by other writer's or bloggers. I myself have a writing competitions page on this blog that I like to try and keep updated with interesting and current competitions. It brings people in, we all want the chance to see our work in print right? And to enter... most of them simply require you to email your piece and pay a small fee over paypal, done, quick as a flash.

Writers and authors everywhere are utilising this fantastic resource, the internet, to showcase their work, to sell their work, to build up a following of loyal readers, to advertise their books and of course, to connect with other readers and writers.

There are now a whole host of online websites, communities and forums that allow you to do just that; sign up, post your work for your fellow writers to read, and read the work of your fellow writers. The sites are, of course, all available to non-writing readers who, usually for a small fee, can browse the hundreds of titles on offer and read and rate the ones they like, or dislike.
All of these sites offer you, the excited new writer searching for your first glimmer of success, the chance to publish your work without fear of it being rejected by a publisher before it ever gets to the eyes of a reader, and most offer some form of payment based upon the popularity of your creative pieces.
Perfect right, what could be better?

In many ways this is indeed a perfect solution, and if yours is a next big best-seller people will read it and like it and rate it and subscribe to it and you'll rake in the cash.
But the bitter truth is that there is so much choice, so much out there, that the many unedited, often first draft, stories that I have seen posted online just do not attract that sort of following and thereby that sort of popularity or, of course, payment. So try not to set your hopes too high unless what you're sharing has already been through the first and second draft stages.

However, I have found that these sites can be utilised in a fantastic way: to write a story.
I utilise one site to keep myself writing chapter after chapter of what, I hope, will eventually be my first published novel. When I signed up for the site I chose to publish a new chapter of my story every two weeks and this gives me a deadline that I must keep to, because we all know that if your posts are unreliable then you lose readers fast no matter how good your story is! This deadline is fantastic for me and my busy lifestyle as it forces me to keep writing, even when I don't feel like it. I find it far too easy to put my story to the bottom of the to do list, always believing that 'I'll come back to it as soon as I have some free time'.
And of course, because it is a subscriber site, I am earning a small amount of money based on the number of people who subscribe to my series.

This also serves as a fantastic way of getting an idea whether people like what you are writing. For me, I bear in mind that I am using the site as a tool to write my first draft, so if people like it then that's extra bonus points, and a really good incentive to carry on and aim for eventual publishing! If people are liking the first draft then surely when it's all polished and perfect it's got a good chance of being at least fairly popular?
Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
Of course there is so much choice in reading material out there now that your work either has to be unique and interesting or it has to sit comfortably in a well known genre that a loyal following of people will always read purely because they love that genre. However even in cases such as that, if the story is not well written readers will drop it pretty quickly in favour of one of the other hundreds of stories in that genre.
Barefacedly putting your unpublished work online for hundreds of readers and writers to read and criticize is actually a pretty brave thing to do, and it can be pretty helpful too. Because as soul crushing as it would be to have little or no readers interested in or enjoying your story, that can tell you a big thing: that if you want to succeed as a writer you need to do something very different.

And that brings me oh so nicely onto my last point. Blogs, forums, writing sites, reading sites, they all have one big thing in common and that thing can be incredibly helpful.
They all allow you to connect with other writers. It's like one giant support group potentially spanning all the writer's in the world.
You've got a question? Ask it and answers you shall receive. You need to know something about grammar? Type it in and you'll have your answer within minutes. Looking for inspiration? Every decent blog or writing site has a prompts page! Want to know how the big names got big? The internet is littered with articles, interviews and features about your favourite authors and their journey to the front page (or shelf). Simply want someone to talk to about your writing struggles that really understands your frustration? Just log in and write a post, you're guaranteed a reply... writers love to write! Just written a new piece and want some feedback on it? Upload it on a site like Scriggler where other writers can read your work and comment on it.
I could go on all night.
The point is, there is a whole writing community out there just waiting for you to go and become a part of it. They're all great people, they all like reading and writing and they all want to help each other out as best as possible.
What an amazing, fantastic, resource. And one that is infinitely accessible through the world wide web any time of day or night.

I'm very interested in this topic and have spent quite a lot of time recently finding different websites, blogs and forums, some of which I really like.
Over the next couple of months I'm going to try out a few of them and let you know how I got on, what I liked or didn't like, and whether I think they're worth signing up to.

Of course just because I liked it doesn't mean you will, and vice versa, but it will be an interesting resource if you're thinking of joining the online writing community and are looking for somewhere to start.

So keep an eye out for more articles.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel,
Crashed and burned,
Torn apart at the seams,
Left behind,
Cold and all alone.

Your tears slide down,
Your bloodstained cheeks,
Anger overcoming fear,
Your heart in pieces,
Drowning in your sorrow.

Fallen angel,
How can I ever hope to help,
When you won't let me wipe your tears away,
You must allow yourself to know,
I am not here to harm you.

Your tears are blood,
Your wrists are slit,
Your tail between you're legs,
Your mind a cave of spiteful thoughts,
The pain you feel is raw.

Fallen angel,
What are you looking for,
In this dark forbidden place,
Oh my friend please come with me,
Let me lead you to your future.

Your heart lies in a thousand pieces,
Your only dreams are shattered,
Bound and broken by all you've seen,
You think your life is over,
But this is merely the beginning.

Fallen angel,
Open wide your bloodshot eyes,
And see the world around you,
Learn to open up your mind,
Learn to love and fall again.

There is more to this place,
Than you can only see,
There is a paradise,
Outside of your dark haven,
Please do not be afraid,
Of letting other people in,
We all are hurt and broken,
We all take time to heal.

Look up,
Fallen angel,
And learn to fly again.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is;


- To emit flashes of light
- To scintillate, gleam or glimmer
- To sparkle or flash
- Glitter

This word originated from Latin roughly C18, from the word coruscare which meant to flash or vibrate.

'Slowly he extended one arm, reaching towards the strange coruscating orb. There was something about it that caught his attention and held it, and he found himself strangely unable to look away.'


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word. It would be great to see what you come up with!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Writing Prompt!

Everyone loves a good prompt, I myself use them quite regularly, it's a great tool to get the brain thinking outside the box.

This is the first of my writing prompt posts, although if you head over to my Writing Prompts page you will see that there are already a few on there for you to have a go at.

So this weeks prompt is an idea:

'You and your friend discover a time machine, you can go anywhere in the world, any time in history or the future. There's only one catch, you can only use it once (once being a return journey). Where & when do you go? Write your adventure...' 

If you have written a piece and would like to post it in the comments section below for others to read please feel free to or if you're particularly proud of it and would like to submit it for publication on this website please visit my Submissions page and follow the instructions there.

Happy writing

Rach x

Monday, 13 June 2016

Motivational Monday! Impress Prize for New Writers

This weeks Motivational Monday! post features The Impress Prize for New Writers.

I think this comp is a great opportunity for unpublished writers! I'm thinking of giving it a go myself.

This is a competition specifically intended to discover and publish new writing talent!
The winner of this competition will be offered a publishing contract with Impress Books and the aim will be to publish the book the following year. All entries, whether winning or not, are viewed as potential publications by the Impress team and numerous non-winning entries from previous years have gone on to be published.
The prize is intended to encourage new and emerging authors to write and to provide them with a focus and forum to do so.

Your entry should be a book proposal and a sample chapter of no more than 6,000 words.
Please visit their website for the full list of other entry requirements.

There is an entry fee of £15.

The competition closes on 1/07/16.

No more than 12 entries will be selected for the short list from which the winner will be selected.

To read more and to enter the competition please follow this link; Impress Prize for New Writers

Happy writing

Rach x

Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Girl and The Owl

The Girl and The Owl 

Once, there lived a young girl called Suzie.
Suzie did not have many friends. She was a small, shy, quiet girl, yet she was always getting into trouble, for Suzie was always daydreaming. All day long her teachers at school, and her parents at home, would say to her, "Suzie, are you listening?"
Suzie would blink and shake her head, as if rousing herself from a deep sleep, and the irritated teacher or parent would tut or sigh in frustration before repeating what they had just said.
The other young girls in Suzie's village had long since given up trying to talk to her in class or play with her after school. They found it exasperating when Suzie drifted away into her own little world halfway through a game or conversation.
So Suzie spent much of her time on her own, wandering through the grassy fields surrounding her small village or sitting on the old log at the bottom of her small back garden that overlooked the wooded valley below the village.

 One bright sunny day Suzie was wandering and daydreaming as usual when she came to edge of the grassy fields that surrounded her village. Lost in her imaginary world she did not stop to turn around but instead carried on straight into the woodland that lined the bottom of the valley by the village. She was so caught up in her daydream that she wandered through the woods for hours, until the sun began to set and the light between the tree trunks took on a strange hue.

A loud noise behind her made Suzie jump, startling her out of her daydream and back into reality. She peered through the tree trunks, her brown eyes wide and alert, but no matter which way she looked she could not see what had made the noise. She looked down at the ground, then up at the patches of slowly darkening sky that she could see between the treetops, then back into the gloomy half-light between the trees. She shivered, realising all of a sudden that she was totally and completely lost.
Suddenly Suzie felt very afraid. The idea of spending the night alone in the woods terrified her and she could already feel tears sparking in the corners of her eyes at the thought.
She looked around, turning in a circle and peering through the semi-darkness.
She started one way, then changed her mind and started another, then changed her mind again and stood, hopeless and afraid between the trees, unable to remember what path she had taken before.

 For a long time little Suzie stood in the slowly darkening woods, until salty tears leaked from her large brown eyes and small sobs escaped from between her soft pink lips.
Then a voice behind her made her jump.
"Little girl, are you alright?"
Quickly Suzie turned around and peered through the strange half-light, trying desperately to see who had spoken to her. But there was no one there between the trees, the woods were empty.
"Up here." Said the voice again.
Suzie turned her gaze upwards and saw, to her surprise, an owl sitting on a large branch, looking down at her with it's round yellow eyes. She swallowed, thinking she must be mistaken.
"Yes," said the owl, "It is I that is speaking to you."
"But," Suzie stammered, "Owls can't talk."
"Well little girl, quite clearly you are wrong about that, or we would not be having this conversation, would we?"
"Oh," Suzie thought for moment, "I suppose you're right."
"Yes." Said the owl. "Now, little girl, whatever were you doing crying all alone in the middle of the woods?"
"Oh," Suzie looked down at her feet, suddenly embarrassed. "I don't know where I am."
The owl looked at the girl for a long moment before speaking.
"Of course you know where you are, you are right here."
"But... where is here?"
"Here, is where you are."
"No... I... I'm lost, I don't know how to get home!"
"Well," said the owl, "Now that is another matter altogether."
"I didn't mean to... but I was walking along, and... I wasn't paying attention and... now I'm lost!" Fresh tears began to well up in Suzie's eyes as she thought of her warm home and her loving parents.
The owl looked at her with it's round yellow eyes but did not say anything more, and Suzie's tears fell faster and faster as she cried harder and harder.

 Finally, after some time, the owl spoke again.
"Little girl, what are you crying for?"
Suzie looked up through bleary eyes.
"I'm crying because I am lost and I want to go home."
"Well," said the owl, "That is not a thing to cry about."
Suzie stared at the owl, momentarily lost for words and feeling slightly annoyed that the bird did not seem inclined to comfort her when she so obviously needed it. The owl stared back at her.
"Being lost is horrible, of course it is a thing to cry about." Suzie finally said, somewhat defiantly.
"No." Said the owl.
"What do you mean no? Of course it is." Suzie could feel herself beginning to feel angry at the owls lack of understanding.
"No." Said the owl, "It is not."
"Stop it." Cried Suzie, "You don't know anything, you stupid owl!"
"On the contrary," Said the owl, "I know many things, one of which is that you should not speak so rudely to one who is attempting to help you."
"Help?" Stuttered Suzie, "How are you helping me?"
"Why, by trying to make you think about why you should not be crying."
"But how will that help me?" Suzie wailed, throwing her small arms into the air in exasperation.
"It will help because when your mind is no longer dwelling on the problem you may begin to think of the solution."
Suzie waited for the owl to continue but it merely looked at her with it's large yellow eyes.
"I don't understand." She said slowly, feeling like she might burst into tears again at any moment.
"Think about it," said the owl, and with that the great bird spread it's wings and took off, flying away through the trees and leaving Suzie alone once more.

 Confused and unsure what to do Suzie sat on the woodland floor and looked around her at the trees, thinking about what the owl had said and wishing that it would come back. She sat quietly for a long time, listening to the woodland noises around her and pondering the owls words. Eventually the dusk turned to darkness and Suzie could no longer see past the trees surrounding her. She looked up at the spattering of star speckled sky just visible through the leafy treetops and shivered, it was getting cold and she felt quite afraid. She thought of her parents and wondered if they were afraid that something bad had happened to her. Then she thought of the owl and his words to her and she wondered if she had started walking earlier instead of standing crying whether she would be home by now or not.

 Time passed in a strange timeless fashion until eventually Suzie came to a decision and stood up.
"You are no longer crying, are you thinking clearly now?"
The owls voice made Suzie jump and she peered into the darkness, straining to see the bird.
"Where are you?" She asked.
"In the tree where I was before." Replied the owl.
"Have you been there the whole time?"
"Not the whole time, no."
"Oh." Said Suzie. Then, "Owl, I think I understand what you said earlier."
"Good." Said the owl.
"Owl?" Suzie asked tentatively, "Can you take me home please?"
"Yes little one, I can." Replied the owl, and Suzie felt a waft of air as the great bird swooped down from the tree and landed on the ground next her.
Carefully she climbed onto the owl's back, feeling the strong muscles of it's wings and pushing her fingers through the outer feathers into the soft downy ones beneath.
"Hold on." Warned the owl as they took off, soaring through the treetops and bursting into the sky.

 Suzie thought that the night sky, full of twinkling stars above her, and the dark land laid out like a strange map below her, was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The wind whipped past her face as they soared through the air, dancing with the stars, sailing over the forest towards the smattering of little lights that she knew to be her village. She no longer felt the cold, and she no longer felt afraid.
"I'm sorry I was rude to you before." She whispered into the owl's ear. "Thank you for helping me."

 In what seemed like no time at all they landed softly in Suzie's small back garden and she clambered down off the owl's back.
For a long moment the owl and the girl looked at each other, yellow eyes meeting brown.
"Thank you." Whispered Suzie, and the owl nodded before spreading it's great wings and taking to the sky once more, leaving the little girl behind in the garden.
Suzie smiled to herself as the owl disappeared into the darkness of the night, then she turned and ran through the back door of her cottage and into the open arms of her worried parents.

 And from that day on Suzie felt safe in the knowledge that there was a solution to every problem if only you looked for it, and she made sure to always pay attention to where she was going.

The End

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is;


- This is a great word that basically means; clumsy
- Bumbling or awkward
- Unskillful
- Tactless and insensitive in behaviour or speech.

This word would have originated from French, roughly 1665 - 1675.

'She spoke quickly, harshly. She was angry, and in her anger she was maladroit, the hurtful words spilling from her pink stained lips before she could stop them.'

'He had always been maladroit, ever since he was a child. His father had always teased him about it, calling him senseless, and a bumbling idiot, but his mother had seen how stupid it made him feel, she had never teased him about it.'


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word. It would be great to see what you come up with!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

To Romania!

I'm going on an adventure!

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past few days but I've been super busy pulling the last few things together for my trip to Romania.

As you'll know if you read some of my earlier posts i'm headed out to Romania as part of a volunteer project run by Leeds Beckett University to spend a couple of weeks working with disadvantaged children. We will be running playwork camps and sessions and we are taking loads of resources out with us for the children.
And today is the day we go!
I've spent all morning packing my last bits and pieces and all afternoon travelling across from Gloucestershire to Luton Airport, where I have now met the people I am going with (they're lovely) and am waiting to board the plane.

Apart from getting thoroghly soaked in a sudden storm my adventure so far has gone quite smoothly and I must admit that i'm feeling more and more excited as time passes!

Our plane will take us to the city Tirgu Mures in the Transylvania region of Romania. We will stay in the city for a couple of days before heading out to the local villages where we will meet the children we will be working with and start setting up for camp.

I'll try and take as many pictures as possible throughout the trip to share with you all and I'll do my best to keep you up to date with what's going on, so if you're interested then keep checking in!
I probably won't have much internet during my time in Romania but I have written and scheduled some posts for the next couple of weeks, so if you're looking for writing posta then keep an eye out too because they'll definitely be up!

I'm excited! Wish me luck!

Rach x

Thursday, 2 June 2016


Love is your eyes,
Your smile, Your voice, Your laugh,
Love is the warmth of your hand resting lightly upon mine,
Love is your sleeping body beside me at night.

Love is play-fighting on the sofa in the evening,
And the silence that stretches between us while we're busy,
It is your voice calling out to me as I arrive home from work,
And the sight of your discarded clothes on the bedroom floor.

Love is your arms around me,
It is your fingers weaved through mine,
Love is you beside me,
Even when I'm all alone.

Love is the harsh words of disagreement,
And the awkward silence that follows,
It is the look in your eye and the feeling in my stomach,
It is the first kiss all over again.

Love is your grin as you tease me,
It is the look on my face when you appear unannounced,
Love is waking up each morning to your warmth beside me,
It is your name on the tip of my tongue.

Love is knowing you,
Your shape and sound and smell,
It is a warm familiarity,
And the relief of knowing I am home.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wordy Wednesday!

This weeks Wordy Wednesday word is;


- Shining brightly
- Radiant, Gleaming
- Gloriously bright

This word would have originated from the Latin word refulgere which means to radiate light in about 1500 - 1510.

'Her eyes widened with wonder as she looked out across the slowly lightening landscape before her. The yellow disc of the sun was beginning to rise, filling the world with it's refulgent glory, bringing the strange land to life.'


Comment a short piece of prose, flash fiction, or even just a sentence, using this word. It would be great to see what you come up with!