Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Watcher

'I am the Watcher in the darkness. I am the ringing in the silence. I am the shadow slipping past the corner of your eye. There but for a moment, now gone.
I am the single note carried upon the song of the wind. I am the low rustle of the leaves in the trees. I am the smell of the mud pooling upon the ground. I am the sound of your softly falling footsteps.
I am what you look for as you steal a glance behind you, although you do not know it. I am the noise you thought you heard as you were trying to be silent. I am the presence you feel beside you when you think you are all alone.'

'I see everything. You can keep no secrets from me. For I am the darkness. I am the silence. I am the whisper as it leaves your lips. I am the sound as it reaches your ears. You choose to ignore me, but you know I am there, I am always there, you simply don’t want to see me. But I see you, I am always watching you.'

1 comment:

  1. That's a little spooky. Made me feel a bit odd.
    So - I guess it's a job well done! :)