Thursday, 21 April 2016


And there upon her grave he stood,
Bequeathed in Shadows,
A woven hood,
Sweet verses slipped from between his lips,
And melancholy sighs.

Her hands he felt upon his sorry brow,
And hanging in the air her smell,
The toxic stench of roses sweet and in the background music,
Soft lyrics falling small and insubstantial,
Rolling like pearls past his unholy ears.

In vain he turned his troubled eyes,
To gaze upon her long lost image,
But in the darkness there was no lady of his desire,
'Stead all was still,
The monochrome night emptied of her gentle breath.

No more could he hear,
Though he listened so intently,
His lovers words fading into oily shadows,
Innocence lost in shades of black and white,
A single lily faded in it's beauty.

The sweet dark green grass before him,
Stretched away towards the mountains shadow,
He stood alone in the bare and empty landscape,
The world itself was grieving,
For it too had loved and lost.

Heavy lids slid down to cover dark and troubled eyes,
And as he stood all at once could he see,
Why his silent soul wept so fiercely,
A single tear slipped gracefully along the curve of his immortal face,
A perfect repose of harmony in grief.

Slowly he let fall his silver sword and golden shield,
Protection crashing to the muddy earth beneath,
And as in a dream he moved,
With silent purpose slow and sad,
And lay beside his lover on the sweet dark green grass.

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