Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Sound of Creation

At the very conception of time, there was nothing. A great blackness, a void. Nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing spoke or squawked or howled, nothing was. There was only the unchanging darkness; static, stagnant, and the complete absence of sound.
Then from the void came an inexplicable magic, a single note so long and piercing it seemed to shake the nothing, to rattle it to it’s very nonexistent core. The single note stretched on for a lifetime, or maybe just for a second, and it created a paradox that gave life to time, for before the note there was nothing, but the note itself was something and that was only the beginning.
From the magic and the inexplicable sound, both of which were one and the same, a new universe began to form. Slowly, carefully, hesitantly, with dull and newly forged eyes it began to take its first baby steps out of the mists of creation and its first breaths of reality.
Stars opened their eyes and blinked sleepily, they began to smile and in turn to laugh as they understood the truth of themselves, and as they smiled they began to shine and in turn to twinkle as they chuckled.
Planets yawned drowsily as they found their places amongst the stars. They began to slowly turn and then to hum in pleasure as the life now beginning to flourish upon their surfaces tickled them and brought them a joy as unpredicted as magic.
The magic itself spread throughout the beautiful universe it had brought to life, marvelling at the growing complexities and seeping into everything as it passed. It saw the first blinking eye of the sun and the first beginnings of movement. It heard the first sound made by the first breeze as it rustled through the leaves of the first trees and the stems of the first grasses. It was witness to the first living creatures taking their first steps across the land of the first world, and it marvelled at what it saw. It swelled with pride as it looked upon the greatness and the intricacy of everything.
The stillness and the silence had been broken, the nothing had become something, indeed it had become many somethings. A raucous of life now stretched throughout the swirling galaxies, growing and evolving and multiplying. A vast complexity of colour and noise, sights and movement, electrically charged, vibrantly whirling through newly forged time and space. Spinning and changing from each moment to the next, life itself had taken the reins and began to lead at a furious pace.
The magic had done it’s job. it had brought into creation all that is and with it the potential for all that will be. It floated for a time, watching the universe, the only calm at the centre of of the whirlwind of creation. The magic knew it’s work there was complete, it was time now for it too to evolve, it had no place there floating through the galaxies like a sea-smoothed piece of driftwood, no longer able to perform its previous role. It was finally time. With an almost audible sound like the release of a sigh the magic gathered itself together and pulled itself inwards for the last time, swirling itself into an almost compact mass, then it let go. The magic dissipated, losing its form and spreading out across the new lands, it floated far and wide, dividing as it went. It seeped into everything it touched, losing itself in the atomic structures of all things and imbuing them with a gentle energy, a slight hum, the sound of creation.

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