Sunday, 6 March 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge!

Recently I've been looking to try out different writing styles, techniques and ways of telling stories, and one of the things that is fascinating me at the moment is flash fiction! My short stories are usually a good couple of thousand words at least and I've been wondering how you could fit a whole story into, say, a 500 word limit!?

Now, I've started reading flash fiction on the internet and in Writing Magazine and as well as finding that I really enjoy reading it, I think I'm beginning to get the idea. So, I've set myself a challenge, to try writing some flash fiction! And I've created a new page here on this blog where I'm going to post my attempts at flash fiction, so, if you like flash fiction, or if you just fancy reading something a bit different, please have a look at what I've cobbled together and let me know if you think it's any good or not!

Rach x

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