Friday, 11 March 2016

Water, Water, Everywhere

By Tony Rogers

Water, water everywhere
It's more than a drop to drink
Consider its presence wherever you look
Its importance far more than you'd think

It exists in our bodies. It's essential to life
But it's not just a liquid. No, its forms are quite rife
It forms beautiful ice crystals in a myriad of patterns
And makes mountain tops glisten like rows of bright lanterns

The clouds that make us dream as we gaze at the sky
Are clusters of raindrops quietly drifting on by
Waiting to fall once again as rain
And find a river to start the journey again

The beauty of water does not stop there
All over the Earth its a treasure to share
Lakes,  rivers and seas are a gift to us all
And the splendid sight of a vast waterfall

How one can delight in a walk in the rain
The maker of rainbows and shaping terrains
And who can forget that  first look in a pond
To see your reflection projected beyond

But it's not just its beauty that should make us enthralled
But also the power it can unleash on the world
Hurricanes and tornadoes can pull down great trees
Blizzards of snow can coat vast territories

And a tsunami's power is something immense
Nothing is able to stand in defence
And consider the tides as they respond to the tune
Of the oceans being pulled round the earth by the moon

Yes the power of water is there to behold
But sometimes we can tame it and its energy unfold
First the mills on our streams that could power our tools
Then the mighty steam engines that made distances small

Sometimes when we are out and get caught in a shower
We should reflect on how water can contain such vast power
But it's not just hot steam that makes water immense
Its wonder goes deeper, and in a curious sense

All over the universe it can be found
Contained in vast comets as they travel around
Some say that's how it first got to our land
A gift from the stars enabling life to expand

And yet at the other end of the scale
There's an aspect of water that makes others look pale
For it seems that this molecule that we call H2O
Interacts with our minds and puts on quite a show

As Emoto has shown in his pictures of ice
The crystalline structures can be horrid or nice
Reflecting our thoughts be they good or be bad
The ice crystal patterns can be happy or sad

And another property that we can't yet explain
Is the memory of water of what it has seen
A homoeopathy puzzle that makes chemists confused
An infinite dilution still  beneficially used

What  a wonderful substance this water can be
Essentially of its forms there are three
As a solid we like to know it as ice
And just in that form it can be quite a surprise

From a delicate snowflake at one end of the span it
can become a great iceberg that can sink the titanic
As a liquid it provides vast routes for us all
to travel the world in boats  great and small

And as a vapour too its impact is extreme
One can only admire the power of steam
But it is also has other ways to exist
As a delicate veil in  the form of a mist

And at the same time can you really believe it
That incredible substance has one more huge asset
For you have to admit in the arid dry heat
A cool glass of water is a hard act to beat

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