Friday, 12 February 2016

Salt Spray

A smile,
A touch,
A laugh,
Sensations like honey seep into my senses.

The heat of the sun on my skin,
The fingers of the wind in my hair,
The cold splash of ocean spray,
I close my eyes and let them envelope me.

I am nothing,
Here and now,
In this very moment,
I am nothing and I am everything.

I am the smile that slips into a laugh,
I am the heat of the sun,
I am the soft touch of the wind caressing my skin,
I am the cool salt water spray.

Somewhere among the golden sands,
There is a girl,
Who wears a smile,
And speaks a laugh.

Beneath a sky of brilliant blue,
Warmed by the midday sun,
Lost amidst glinting gold,
She smiles for you.

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