Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Beneath the scarlet moon the earth lies still,
Who knows who we are,
Mere beings among the stars,
Humbled by beauty beyond our comprehension.

Fly now young one,
Fly far and fast and true,
This life is not held in place,
Wander because you will.

Fret not each morning when the pale sun rises,
For each day brings promise of the next,
And once the scarlet moon has risen,
Then in darkness you may reside again.

Smile often my friend,
The end is ever near,
But welcome it not so fiercely,
For is it not the journey we are for?

Take time oh lover,
Listen quietly to the rivers song,
Feel the breeze run through your fur,
And the soft earth beneath your paws.

One day this land will be no more,
Who knows what will be left,
The desert of our dreams,
Soft whispers lost upon the breeze.

Do not cry sweet child,
Red gold beneath the burning sky,
Great wings spread wide above you,
But even dragons die.

Let rest consume you,
In the shadow of the great mountain,
Let moonlight bathe you in it's silken glow,
Forget not to open your eyes.

Sing loud my dear,
See your voice beyond the clouds,
There is power in this sound,
A quiet strength to fill this hall.

Beneath the scarlet moon the earth lies still,
You must only look to see,
That beneath the twinkling stars above,
There is only you and me.

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