Thursday, 7 January 2016


Hello Lovely Readers!

I've just created a new page called 'Requests' - you may have noticed it up there in the pages bar ;)

The idea for this page stemmed from two thoughts;
1. It would be great if this blog could become more interactive &
2. I'd like to push my writing style and try new things and what better way to do that than have other people give me suggestions for things I probably wouldn't normally write about.

So, the idea for the page is that you leave me a comment - on the page, detailing something that you would like me to write about - this can be an idea for a blog post, a review, an article, a piece of creative writing, a poem, anything you think of. Then I have a look at the comments and have a go at writing your suggestions. When I've written one I'll post it as a blog post and you can see if you like what I've done with your idea.

The second requests idea is first lines. This is purely for creative writing and by this I mean that you leave me a comment on the requests page that has a sentence in it - this sentence can be anything you like, and I then have to write a piece of creative writing that begins with your sentence. Unless you state in your comment that you would like my piece of writing to be within a certain genre then I will assume I can use whatever genre I want.

I look forward to seeing your comments and having a go at writing your suggestions!

Laters ;)

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