Thursday, 7 January 2016


At the beginning of December Ash and I went to stay in Reykjavik in Iceland for a week. Despite our flight out being delayed for a day we had a great time and saw some amazing sights. The city was busy and exciting although of course typically touristy, and the surrounding land was breathtakingly beautiful. We got to see some spectacular natural wonders, including the Northern Lights, the Geyser 'Strokkur' and the Golden Falls, and were quite surprised that absolutely everyone spoke really good English!
It is a slightly more expensive country that England, with the average pint costing around £4/5 but we didn't mind really, the only problem was they didn't have much cider!
We also visited the Blue Lagoon spa which was a very relaxing day out although in places the water really was a lot hotter than I expected, it wasn't as big as we were led to believe by the brochures due to the fact that they have made the actual lagoon smaller so that they can build a hotel (i think), which is a shame. Our last day was spent looking for Christmas presents for our family and exploring more of the city, it was a lovely day, we found a very nice little cafe to have lunch in and we discovered the local flea market on the harbour.
I would definitely recommend going to Iceland in the winter, although it's very cold the snow makes everything look magical - and if your anything like me you'll love the sound of it crunching beneath your boots and the novelty of having to wrap up in coats, scarves and hats. Having said that we would both love to go back in the summer when the days are a lot longer and drive around the countryside. There is so much to see that a week is hardly enough time.
Here are some pictures of our trip and some of the things we saw :)
(Unfortunately the pictures we tried to take of the Northern Lights didn't come out very well and definitely don't do them any justice, but these are the best two so I thought I would include them).

The view from our apartment window on the first morning.
'Strokkur' The Geyser

The view from the harbour.
The statue of Partnership between Iceland and
'Strokkur' The Geyser

Pingvellier National Park

The Golden Falls

The Golden Falls
The view from the roof of our apartment.

Ash outside a church in Reykjavik

The view from our apartment window on our last morning.

The Sun Voyager

The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing the photos..spectacular. How cold is very cold? The snow does look beautiful.

  2. Thanks! It wasn't too bad in the city it was about 3 degrees but once you got outside the city it was freezing! About -6 maybe? It is a very beautiful country.

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