Sunday, 3 January 2016

Eyes Closed

Hi Guys!
Sorry I've been a bit quiet over the last few days, I've been super busy with Christmas and work and New Years! But I'm back on track now and last night I had an interesting realisation that I thought might make a good blog post, so here goes.

Last night me and my partner went to a local club, we don't usually go clubbing because it's not really our scene but this local place is quite nice, it's small and the people who go there are a decent crowd (there's no rowdy drunks or fighting). So we're in this club and we have a couple drinks and I start to dance a bit. I love dancing, it's great fun, but if I'm honest I get really self conscious dancing around people when I'm sober. So I tend to sort of sway and bob a bit until I'm drunk enough that I don't care any more.
The evening wears on and we chat about things and stuff and have a couple more drinks until eventually we come back in from having a ciggie and I just have to dance. It's a great feeling, dancing, going all out letting your arms and legs fly wildly around. I probably look an absolute mess, my partner is probably pretending he doesn't know me, but I don't care because I have my eyes closed.
I have my eyes closed, so I open them, and suddenly I've lost the beat, I'm out of time with the music and I have to focus to get back into it. Now I'm dancing with my eyes open and it doesn't feel the same. I'm not moving so wildly, I can't seem to feel the music so much although of course it is still very much there. I swing my hips a bit and bob and sway to the side. I watch the people around me - some of them are really going for it. Someone behind me knocks into my elbow, sending a big slosh of cider up and out of my cup, drenching the end of my sleeve. I swap my pint into my other hand and shake out my wet sleeve, as if somehow that will make the wetness go away. I decide I don't care, switch my pint back to my wet hand and look up at my partner, he looks like he's watching the other people in the room but his expression seems somehow distant, as if in his head he is somewhere else entirely. He sees me looking at him and smiles at me, his eyes meeting mine. I wonder what he was thinking about. I turn and start to dance again, letting the music wash over me and through me, feeling the beat and letting my body move with it. I realise I have my eyes closed again. This time I don't open them, I keep them closed. I realise this is familiar, this is how I always dance, with nothing but the darkness and the sound. This is a good feeling, as if the rest of the world around me has simply melted away and there is nothing left, save for the darkness, the sound and the movement of my own body. I don't know how long I dance for. I feel timeless. I keep my eyes closed until my partner taps me on the arm and asks if I'm ready to go home. It's late and he looks tired so I nod and we push our way through the crowd and out into the fresh air.

Does anyone else dance with their eyes closed? Is that just a weird me thing? When you dance do you get that feeling as if the world around you simply does not exist any more and there is only you and the sound and the darkness? Leave a comment and let me know!

I love it, I think it's a beautiful experience and I just wanted to share that with you.

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