Wednesday, 20 January 2016


High upon the hill the air is fresh. For miles around the pale blue sky is clear and far below Moira can see a patchwork of fields, different shades of green knitted together like a blanket across the earth. Everything is still atop the hill, even the slight breeze is lazy, whispering gently past Moira's ears, nudging the tips of her short hair. She closes her eyes, breathing deeply. Slowly she bends her knees and lets her body sink to the soft grassy ground, laying out flat with her face to the ground, breathing in the deep earthy scent of the hill and letting her thoughts disperse like dandelion seeds on the wind.
She does not know how long she lays there for, but when she eventually opens her eyes the sun has moved across the sky. It is a pale yellow disc hanging in a pale blue sea and as she watches it Moira thinks that it is beautiful, possibly the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, so simple, so real.
As she carefully gets back on her feet she realises that she feels clear again, finally. She had been lost for such a long time, but now, upon this hill, there is nothing except herself and the beauty of the world around her. A smile flickers across her face, the clarity is a good feeling, one she will hold on to, nestled inside her like a tiny delicate secret, hers and only hers.

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