Friday, 15 January 2016

Book Review - Molly's Cat

I don't usually do book reviews but having stumbled across this unique and beautiful story the other day I just couldn't resist sharing it.

Molly's Cat 
by Tony Rogers

When Molly's pet cat dies, Molly's tears turn to wonder and eventually joy, as she finds out about atoms and how the atoms of her cat will be reused and become part of other plants and creatures in the future. In this journey of discovery, she realises that if the atoms continually get reused in the future, then they must have also done so in the past, and she speculates about what famous people or intriguing creatures may have once used the atoms that she now possesses. This leads her to wonder where these atoms came from in the first place, and she skips for joy and she is amazed when she discovers the answer.

Firstly I would like to state that this a book for children. On the back of the book is a statement that reads; 'His objective with Molly's Cat, his first book, is to try and capture the imagination of children at a young age and introduce them to the wonders of the history of the universe, our planet, and life on the planet by building it into a story about an event in a child's life.'
I think this is a lovely objective; to stimulate children to think realistically and positively about where they, and everything / everyone on the planet has come from and what happens to each of us when we die.

The story is well written in easy to follow prose and features beautiful illustrations by Claire Rees-Jones.
Throughout the book you will find yourself slowly falling in love with the character of Molly, an inquisitive and thoughtful child who, like all children, is saddened at the loss of a pet. As the story moves forwards you share in her joy and excitement at the discoveries she is making about atoms and where we all come from. This information is easily broken down through several conversations with Molly and her parents, and as her understanding grows so we also see her sadness at losing her pet turn into joy in the knowledge that he is recycled into the nature all around us.
Tony's writing style tells a heart-warming story while simultaneously explaining the science in a way that is both entertaining and informative, understanding children's natural curiosity and their ability to learn and take in information.
I believe this is a book that should be readily available to all children. I think it is important that from an early age they can begin to have an understanding of the wonders that reside both in and around our planet and I think that this story delivers that understanding in a very clever and enjoyable way.

It is definitely worth a read, especially if you have or work with children, and even if you don't!

If you would like to purchase this book please follow this link: Molly's Cat

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