Friday, 22 January 2016


Beneath a sky streaked with the golden colours of the setting sun a young woman made her way across a landscape of rolling hills and sparkling streams. She had been travelling for days, making her way through the countryside, stopping only at night to pitch her small tent and catch some sleep before the first rays of morning sunlight woke her and she continued on her way. She was on a journey of discovery. When she had left her small village nearly a week ago she had no idea where she would end up or what she would find, she had only the hunger for adventure growling fiercely inside of her, pushing her onwards. So far she had found nothing save for the endless rolling hills and the occasional copse of woodland but she knew she could not give up hope.
Above her head the sunset colours slowly began to recede as the sun sunk lower in the sky and the woman knew that she should find a place to stop soon and make camp for the night. Nearby she could hear the call of small birds and what looked like the top of a tree seemed to be visible just over the crest of the next hill. She pushed onwards, eager to make it to the woodland before night fell. Years of experience growing up with the hunters in her village had taught her that it was always safer to make camp between the trees where you were less noticeable than out in the open. A light breeze ruffled her long hair and she hoisted her pack higher up on to her back as she quickened her pace.
The hill seemed to be steeper than the one before it and despite her good level of fitness as she neared the top she found that she was panting and could feel sweat beginning to form on her forehead and across her back. Determination pushed her onwards and a few minutes later she found herself standing atop the hill and looking out at the view laid out below her like a mosaic. This hill was indeed higher than any of the ones before it and the land below stretched out for miles and miles. She could see an ocean of green grass glinting golden in the colour of the setting sun, behind it the tall trees of a dark forest stretched upwards towards the sky and in the distance beyond the forest the dark silhouettes of mountains were just visible in the fading light. Standing on the hill looking out at the view below her the woman was filled with the excitement, the whole world lay before her, hers to explore. Who knew what she may find beneath the canopy of the trees in that forest or what may be nestled on the other side of it, tucked between the trees and the feet of the mountains. Breathing in the chill evening air she smiled as she started down the side of the hill and onwards towards adventure.

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