Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The Fear

I came up with this one my lunch break at work today, it's a short piece of descriptive writing with a small twist at the end that I thought you might like, let me know what you think :)

The Fear

I run. My bare feet slap hard against the concrete floor. My breath tears painfully through my chest, forcing it's way out of my body. My heart beats loud and fast in my ears, desperately pumping blood through my veins. The muscles in my legs burn, begging me to stop and rest. But I cannot stop. I am afraid, and I must keep going.
Further and further I run. Until the concrete beneath my feet disappears and I find that I am running on grass. Soft, damp grass. I can feel the droplets of water that cling to the blades of green, they are cold between my toes.  It is harder to run on wet grass. I am afraid I will slip over. Another thing that I am afraid of.
My chest is tight. It is getting harder and harder to breathe. The muscles in my legs feel not only painful now but stiff as well, as if they are made of clay. I clench my fists and unconsciously grit my teeth, willing my body to keep moving. The fear pushes me onwards.
There is a strange buzzing sound in the air, like electricity. But I don't know where it is coming from because I am in the forest now and only trees surround me. Huge towering trees all around me, stretching their branches up towards the night sky as if desperate to touch the glistening stars.
I wish I were a tree, tall and strong and immoveable. Trees are not afraid.
I wish I were a star, glittering high above and far away. Stars are not afraid.
I push my body onwards but I know I cannot last much longer now. Fear grips my chest, white hot and ice cold at the same time. It tingles unpleasantly through me, making my skin prickle and sending a bout of sweet nausea rocketing through my stomach. I feel bile rise in the back of my throat. My mouth is dry. I try to swallow, choking on my own tongue, gasping for air again as soon as I have done so. I imagine licking the tiny drops of moisture off the blades of grass beneath my pounding feet.
My head is spinning. The stars are no longer in the sky. Instead they are all below me, twinkling in a sea of black space beneath my feet. Now the trees are stretching downwards, reaching out below me. From above drops of water fall from the blades of soft grass, landing on my head, on my cheek as I raise my face to look upwards.
I can't feel my legs any more, they don't burn or ache. I can't feel the ground beneath my feet any more. Because the ground is above my head. Pain tears at my chest as I try to suck in more air, try the quell the panic rising and spreading out through my body. Everything is wrong. Everything is very very wrong and I am afraid, so very very afraid.
In the back of my mind a small voice asks me a question. "What are you running from?"
Suddenly there is nothing.

I open my eyes. I am lying in my bed. My room is dark but I can just make out the familiar furniture. I roll over, the person asleep next to me is warm, and he is familiar too. My heartbeat is slowing again now. I snuggle closer to his warmth and close my eyes.

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