Thursday, 17 December 2015

Long Day

Today has been a long day and I am very tired.
I've got an hour of my shift left to work before I can get up, walk out of the big double doors and across the car park, get on my motorbike and ride the half an hour back to my warm house, my lovely man and my cosy bed.
I would like this hour to go quickly.
To be fair single hours themselves do usually go by fairly quickly, if you look at them as single hours and not multiples, and if you break them into fifteen minute sections, then they seem to flick by at a far more interesting rate. It's amazing what the brain can do isn't it? If you watch each five minute section of the hour drag by it's going to feel like it's taking forever. But if you look for fifteen minute progressions, and find small things to occupy your mind during those progressions then all of a sudden half an hour has gone by and you've only got half an hour left. And half an hour is totally manageable by anyone's standards.

I think it's the last ten minutes that are always the worst though. When you've reached the end of a boring and lengthy shift and you've finished the last job you were doing, you look up at the clock but you've still got ten minutes until you can go home. What do you do for that ten minutes? It's not enough time to start a new job because any other job will take a lot longer than that, and there are no small jobs to do because you did all of those when you arrived that morning, bleary eyed and desperately in need of some small mindless tasks to get you going. So you push some paper around. Maybe you empty the bin. You straighten out the pictures on the wall, fiddle with the paperclip in your pocket, put the pens on the table in size order, make small talk to the nearest colleague. And all the while you glance at the clock, watching minute by painful minute slip slowly past. Until finally you judge that it is time to begin the slow walk towards the colleague locker rooms.

Yepp, the last ten minutes is definitely the worst, and I'll be there soon, forty five minutes to go.
I am looking forward to my bed tonight. I work two jobs, by the end of today I will have done a fourteen hour shift, the same as yesterday. This job finishes tonight until after Christmas, but i've gotta be up again and at work for nine tomorrow morning, it is only an eight hour shift tomorrow though and then a day off on Saturday, can you believe it, a day off... on a Saturday? That's almost unheard of!
Then begins the madness of Christmas week...
My advice to you kids... don't get a job in retail over Christmas... It's not good for your health...

And stop clock-watching... (it doesn't make the time go any faster)  ;)

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